Maintaining Your Home


Together with you, we care for your home.

Invitation Homes provides the highest level of service to our residents, with a responsive and friendly customer service staff offering both regular preventive service visits and emergency maintenance as needed. Associates and licensed contractors are ready to respond quickly and will make every effort to ensure your home runs, and stays running, smoothly.

ProCare Proactive Maintenance Service

As an Invitation Homes resident, you receive the benefit of our ProCare Proactive Maintenance Program. ProCare was developed with you in mind. It ensures every aspect of your home is in continuous working order and provides you the carefree living that leasing with Invitation Homes offers.

As part of this program, we perform proactive maintenance visits on all homes twice a year. You will be called to schedule each visit. Our first visit occurs approximately 6-8 weeks following your move in and is designed to fix any minor maintenance needs that you have identified since moving in.

This visit includes an operational inspection of several features of your home including, but not limited to, your

  • HVAC system
  • Plumbing system
  • Water heater
  • Smoke detectors
  • Appliances
  • Window operability

During proactive maintenance visits, our technician will need access to all rooms in the home with these features, in order to conduct a proper assessment.

ProCare visits will continue on a rotational basis approximately every 6 months to ensure a positive, safe and hassle-free leasing experience by minimizing the likelihood of unwanted maintenance emergencies.

You will receive a “ProCare Fridge List” to keep track of any minor maintenance requests you may have. These requests will be addressed at each of your scheduled maintenance visits.


To schedule a maintenance request online, simply log in to the resident portal, select “Maintenance Request,” and complete the submission form. For urgent issues, call your local maintenance number found on the Contact Us page; do not use the online option.

Invitation Homes will handle any major maintenance issues that arise in your home. It is important to contact us in these instances to avoid responsibility for mishandled repairs.

Although our ProCare service and maintenance requests cover much of your home’s maintenance, you also have a role in the ongoing care of your home. Please reference the list below for a guide on maintenance responsibilities.

Keeping Your Neighborhood Beautiful

Your Invitation Home may be part of an HOA and covered by certain rules and regulations that ensure your neighborhood runs efficiently. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the specific Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) that were provided for your HOA as part of your Lease Agreement. As a resident in an Invitation Home, you are required to comply with the local CC&Rs for your HOA.

Your CC&Rs may differ, but some examples of standard CC&R points of interest include items such as:

  • Care should be exercised in the landscaping and maintenance of trees, plants, flowers and shrubs on your lot to prevent drainage problems or obstruction of sight lines required for vehicular traffic. Please also ensure that weeds are never present in your landscaping, especially in non-grass areas.
  • Vehicles must park in their driveway or garage and should not cover sidewalk areas or impede pedestrians in any way. Vehicles parked in the yard, street or on sidewalks are subject to towing at owner’s expense. Please note that some HOAs only allow parking in your garage.
  • Driveways must be kept free of oil stains.
  • Trash containers should not be stored in driveways or common areas, but in garages or behind a fence. Place containers on the street no earlier than the night before trash pick-up and store them no later than the night of the trash collection.
  • Remove holiday decorations within a reasonable amount of time (approximately 10 days).
  • Pets must be walked on a leash and waste disposed of properly.
  • No signs, foil, cardboard, or any other item visible from the exterior, shall be displayed in the window of your home.
  • To ensure the safety of all residents, please be aware of the residential speed limit, and members are encouraged to watch for pedestrians while driving.

The above items are suggested as best practices for most HOAs. However, your HOA’s CC&Rs and state law will vary and have specific requests with which you will need to comply.


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