Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance

Learn how to maintain your yard and landscaping in this Invitation Homes "Know Your Home" video.


Kurt: Hi, I’m Kurt with Invitation Homes, and today we’re going to talk about the landscape maintenance and upkeep of the yard.

One of the major benefits of living in a home is having your own outdoor space. But depending on the terms of your lease, it does come with some additional responsibilities. Depending on the season, you’ll need to regularly mow and trim hedges, bushes, and trees. You are also responsible for the raking and disposal of leaves, the weeding of all beds and hardscaped areas, as well as fertilizing.

During the winter make sure that you remove snow and ice from driveways and sidewalks at the front of the property and leading to the home. You will also need to make sure to water the lawn and plants adequately to keep them healthy. You are responsible for complying with any watering restrictions mandated by local governing agencies. Any HOA issues or violations will need to be taken care of quickly.

Parking on your lawn is never permitted, and if you have pets, make sure to clean up any pet waste as quickly as possible. Please remember that landscape maintenance and upkeep are your responsibility. Home landscaping will be reviewed upon move out, and will be taken into consideration at the time of security deposit reconciliation.

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