Outlets That Don’t Work

Outlets That Don’t Work

Learn how to fix GFI plugs and outlets that don't work in this Invitation Homes "Know Your Home" video.


Hello, I’m Shawna with Invitation Homes, and today, we’re going to talk about outlets that don’t work.

If the outlets in question are outside or in the garage, kitchen or bathroom, then they are probably on a GFI circuit. This is a special type of outlet with a built-in breaker switched that is used in areas that are more likely to be exposed to water. It is designed to prevent shocks and electrocution. This is a GFI outlet. If it is tripped, this button will be sticking up like this. Unplug any devices plugged into this outlet or nearby, then you can reset the outlet by pressing the reset button. A single GFI outlet can protect two or three other outlets down the line that look like regular outlets.

So if an outlet is not working, look around to see if there is a GFI outlet nearby, then check to make sure it’s not tripped. Keep in mind that the GFI outlet could be all the out in the garage so don’t forget to check there. If you reset the GFI outlet and problem persists, it could be a tripped breaker. Check out our video on the breaker box. If that still doesn’t fix the problem, call the Invitation Homes maintenance number for your region or enter a maintenance request at IHRent.com.

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