Water Shut Off Valve

Water Shut Off Valve

Learn how to use a water shut off valve in this Invitation Homes "Know Your Home" video.


Hi, I’m Lance with Invitation Homes, and today, we’re going to talk about protecting your property in the event of a water leak. Sometimes a value or supply line inside or around your home can spring a leak. By shutting the water off quickly, you can help prevent damage to your possessions. Knowing the location of the main water shut-off valve can save precious minutes. Once you have identified the main shut-off valve’s location, it’s helpful to mark it with a tag for future use. Depending on where you live, the water shut-off valve could be located in one of several different locations in or outside your home. The exact location of your valve should have been covered during your move-in orientation. If not, contact Invitation Homes to find out.

There are also smaller shut-off valves like these in key locations under sinks and behind toilets, which can be used to shut off the water locally. To shut the water off, remember this tip. Right to tighten or shut off, and left to loosen or open. Some shut-off valves have levers that need to be turned perpendicular to the water line they are attached to. Once the main water valve is turned off, call the invitation homes maintenance number for your region, or enter the maintenance request at IHRent.com.

If you would like additional tips about your home, check out the Know Your Home video series on our website at KnowYourHome.IHRent.com.

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