Home Maintenance

  • Make Your Bathroom the Cleanest, Most Organized Room in Your House

    Your bathroom should feel like a livable oasis — not a germ zone. That’s why you should make a habit of cleaning your bathroom once a week. Scrubbing your bathroom will prevent bacteria, mold, and mildew from growing in the space. Here’s how to deep clean and sort the supplies in your bathroom.
    Sweep the Surfaces
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  • How to Save on Your Utility Bills This Winter

    Winter storms and cold temperatures can cause your utility bills to spike. But you can lower your bills by making everyday changes. Here’s how to save money on your utility…

  • A Few Clues to Cleaning Your Closet

    A closet is more than a place to store your clothes — it’s an archive, a part of your morning routine. That’s why it’s important to make your closet functional…

  • Are You Ready for the Cold? How to Survive a Twin Cities Winter

    If you’re a Minnesotan, you know the winters can be brutal. Especially in the past couple of years, when weeks would go by with the thermometer touching freezing, natives being…

  • How to Stay Organized During The Stressful Holiday Season

    The secret to a stress-free holiday season is organization. There’s no need to make a color-coded calendar or hourly schedule — a few basic steps will help you stay organized.…

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