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  • Unique Rental: The Spaceship House On Signal Mountain

    The 7 Most Unique Rentals in the United States”

    Near Chattanooga, located in the wooded backcountry of Tennessee, rises a white concrete flying saucer. This hidden oddity is actually a 2,000 square foot, three-bedroom rental home. Even better, it is cheap enough that a group of college students could split the rent and afford to live there.
    All throughout the United States there are pleasant … Read More

  • How To Be A Good Neighbor

    How To Be A Good Neighbor

    According to an article published on the National Rental Home Council’s website, renters make good neighbors and assets to their community. The council’s research shows that “renters typically stay in…

  • How to Avoid Home Rental Scams

    Home rental scams are theft, plain and simple, though they are by and large avoidable. Families who have been conned usually ignored red flags or failed to do their homework…

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