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    Taking Care of Our Homes: The Pro-Care Lifecycle

    At Invitation Homes, we pride ourselves on offering quality, updated houses in great neighborhoods and providing superior services to our residents. This includes updating our properties before residents move in and then maintaining the home to high standards.
    After we purchase a home, we make an initial renovation investment – in 2019, that investment averaged more … Read More

  • Wrapping Up 2019, Ready to Run in 2020

    As Invitation Homes associates, we strive to do at least two important things every day: serve our residents the worry-free lifestyle they expect from us and make a positive impact…

  • Meet Kiki H., Lease Administration Manager

    We are fortunate as a company to employ many veterans, all of whom have played an integral part in our mission. Today, we would like to recognize Kiki H. Kiki…

  • Meet Michael, Superintendent

    In more ways than one, superintendents are the heart of Invitation Homes operations. Michael is one of our incredible superintendents in Atlanta. He’s been with us for six years and…

  • Our Share of the U.S. Housing Market

    Americans increasingly want more options when it comes to where they live. Some want houses. Others want apartments. Some want to own, while others are looking to rent. The good…

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