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  • Dig It: The Health Benefits of Growing a Garden

    Growing a garden does more than spruce up your landscaping — it can improve your health. A garden will help you get more exercise, eat healthier, clear your mind and reduce stress, and stay on budget. Keep reading to learn how a garden can benefit your holistic health.
    Get Easy Exercise
    Spending a few hours in … Read More

  • Spring Has Sprung A Leak

    Household leaks are especially common in the springtime, when moisture has accumulated in your pipes. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, household leaks can waste more than 1 trillion…

  • How To Prepare Your Garden For Spring

    With wintery weather still upon us, you may not be thinking about preparing your garden for spring. But now is the time to make a landscaping plan. Follow these five…

  • Seven Common HOA Violations You May Not Know About

    Many of Invitation Homes’ properties are part of a Homeowners Association (HOA) that provides certain rules and regulations that ensure your neighborhood runs efficiently. Please be sure to familiarize yourself…

  • Five Quick Tips For Landscaping

    You don’t need a green thumb to maintain your yard and garden. Follow these five simple steps to spruce up your landscaping and be the envy of the neighborhood. Choose…

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