Clear the Clutter Challenge #1: The Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it experiences a lot of foot traffic. With three meals a day and so many items to store, this space can quickly become disorganized. However, it’s important to keep your kitchen organized because this will streamline your daily routines.

From Tupperware, to pots and pans, to the pile of cleaning supplies under the sink, it is hard to know where to start. So let our recipe for decluttering your kitchen guide you.

Cabinets and Drawers

Without organized cabinets, it can be difficult to meal prep. Also, if your kitchen is crowded with unnecessary items, it’s tough to cook and clean.

Start by clearing out your cabinets. When you have everything out, decide what to keep, donate, sell, or toss. Discard anything overused, chipped, or expired. Overused items could include: an old non-stick pan, chipped glassware, or a scratched pot. This could also include expired snacks or spices that you no longer use. Do you have Tupperware containers that are missing a lid? Do you have a mug collection that has gotten out of control? Then it’s time to toss or donate these items.

Once you’ve narrowed down what is reentering your cabinets, create labels and sections based on frequency of use. Labels allow easier access and serve as a reminder when you’re running low on ingredients. This could also help your kids unload the dishwasher. Sections allow for better organization. Add risers to stack plates and use clear containers. When you use clear containers, it’s easier to find what you need.

Declutter Tip: Add removable, non-adhesive water-resistant liners to your cabinets to prevent water damage and to help make cleaning easier.

You can repeat these steps for your drawers and pantry. Add drawer organizers and you’ll have a well-organized miscellaneous drawer everyone is sure to envy. For your pantry, add a Lazy Susan so you can easily access your spices. Use clear containers to hold grab-and-go snacks and granola bars. This will make it easier to write your grocery list, as you can see what you have in your drawers and pantry.


The refrigerator is one of the most forgotten areas of the kitchen, but it can also be home to some of the most harmful bacteria in your house. To better your health and the quality of your food, start by creating a schedule to regularly clear, clean, and organize your refrigerator.

Clear out any unused or expired food. Check for any expired products or spills you may not have noticed. Be sure to discard of these items properly, as some states require you to leave meat in the packaging to better prevent any spread of harmful bacteria. Check out your state’s rules for proper disposal of these items.

Clean your refrigerator, the drawers, the shelves, and any additional containers you may have for organization. If your refrigerator allows, adjust your shelving for optimal use of your space, making it convenient for your daily use. If possible, add liners to your drawers and shelves.

Declutter Tip: Be sure to use hot water, soap, and a new sponge when cleaning your refrigerator. Some disinfectant products can be toxic and should not be used around food.

Organize your items. The top of your refrigerator should be home to drinks, quick grab-and-go snacks, and any leftovers. Lower shelves should contain any ingredients slated for cooking. Your refrigerator door has less opportunity to remain cold, so this is a great place to store condiments. Any dairy or eggs should always be placed in the coldest area of your refrigerator, so try to place these products toward the back of the top shelf. For more organization tips, check out this link.

Don’t forget to take a picture of your newly organized kitchen and share with us here for a chance to win one of our weekly prizes and an entry for the Grand Prize!


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