The Easiest Rooms to Decorate in Your Home (Plus DIY Ideas!)

Whether you’re looking to redecorate your rental home or you’re on a budget, you probably think your choices are limited. However, that’s not the case at all! There are many low-impact ways to breathe new life into your rooms on any budget.

The kitchen is one of the best places to start redecorating. While you may not be able to switch out appliances or rebuild cabinetry, you can still add color and fun to the room.

  • Use a pegboard to hang pots and pans. Pegboards are inexpensive, and you can paint them to match any color scheme. Once you hang the pegboard on the wall, simply hang pots and pans on various pegs. It’s a pretty way to display your vintage pan collection.
  • Repaint your chairs! If you have wooden chairs in your kitchen, repaint them in a bold, bright color for added pop. If your chairs are upholstered, buy new fabric and a staple gun, and get to work. Simply remove the covering, wrap the old batting in new fabric, and staple it to the bottom of the board.
  • An indoor herb garden is easy to make and brings life and color to your kitchen. Use old coffee cans, paint cans, or soup cans to create different sized pots. Put them on your kitchen windowsill or secure them to a pallet, which you can paint and lean against a wall.

Living Room
Your living room should be a reflection of who you are. Aside from the kitchen, you probably spend most of your time there. Whether you use it for watching Netflix on the couch or entertaining friends, here are a few ideas for this gathering area:

  • Make DIY pillows. Pillows are super easy to make and add color, texture, and comfort to your living room couch. All you have to do is pick up some fabric and pillow-fill at the fabric store. Sew three seams of the pillow on the wrong side of the fabric, turn inside out, fill with batting, and sew the last seam on the outside. Toss on your couch, and enjoy!
  • Create a terrarium for your coffee table. Use a glass bell jar or old cake tray with a cover. The soil layer should be made of charcoal or small rocks, topped with a peat moss/soil mixture. Add some interesting succulents or ferns, and you have a self-contained bio-dome right in your living room.
  • If you’re a fan of the rustic look, you’ll love this raw wood and electrical wire magazine rack. All you need are four wood studs (cut two to 16 inches and two to 29 inches), 14 feet of electrical cords, two pieces of metal plumber’s tape, and a drill. Make your studs into a rectangular frame, and screw together. Then, drill eight holes on the two long sides of the frame, each placed 2 inches apart. Thread the wire through and secure at the top with a metal plumber’s tape.

It’s so easy to add your own vibe to your bedroom. Make your sleep chamber a relaxing and cozy environment without damaging your walls.

  • Peel and stick wallpaper is temporary and comes off easily without damaging the paint underneath. When you move, all you’ll have to do it peel it off and wipe down the walls! Feel free to do an accent wall in your bedroom or cover all the walls.
  • Make a garland chandelier using strips of fabric. Attach delicate fabrics, like lace or chenille, around the wires of a cooling rack. Use fabric of similar shades and differing textures. Then, thread string lights through the wires in the rack, hidden behind the fabric. Let some of them hang down so the whole column of fabric lights. Tie fabric braids to the corners of the rack and tie into one knot at the top, and it’s ready to hang on a hook. Hang it over your bed or in a corner of the room that needs some extra oomph.
  • Use an old ladder as a fun shelf. It adds architectural interest and storage space to your room. Paint it to match your décor, and stock it full of books, potted plants, or knick-knacks.
  • Display your favorite jewelry without poking hundreds of holes in your walls. Use a painted cork bulletin board and decorative hooks.


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