Five Steps To Staying Organized Every Day

This January, you may have resolved to stay organized throughout the year. For the first few days, this goal seems simple. You can keep up with your laundry, sort through your mail and plan dinner. But then the chaos of everyday life hits, leaving bills unsorted and laundry unfinished. This year, stay organized by following five simple steps every day.

  1. Make your bed each morning.
    No room will look clean with messy sheets, so take five minutes to make your bed in the morning. This will fuel you with a sense of accomplishment each morning. Plus, everyone enjoys crawling into a clean and cozy bed at night. Be an example to your children, and encourage them to make their bed each morning as well.
  2. Have a place for everything.
    Think of the peace you feel when everything is in its proper place. You can maintain that feeling by designating a place all your items – from your bath supplies to your bills. Make sure you put things in a logical place. For instance, keep your keys by the door and trash bags near the trashcan.
  3. Put a wastebasket in each room.
    Instead of purging one day a week, feel free to throw things away every day. Keep a small trashcan in each room so you never have an excuse to stack junk mail or unneeded items.
  4. Keep a running list of errands.
    Instead of putting off all your errands, write down what you need to do and cross off errands when you can. Pick up your dry cleaning on your way home from work; wash your car after going to the grocery store. This will make you feel more accomplished throughout the week and less pressured on the weekend.
  5. Sort through your mail.
    Don’t postpone sorting through your mail – open your mail every day. This will help you stay organized and avoid late payments. Plus, you won’t waste a Saturday morning sorting through your bills.


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