Fun Free Things with Kids

Free Things to Do with Kids at Home

If you’re a parent or caretaker, at some point you have heard “I’m bored” from your child. For most parents, coming up with fresh, fun ideas on how to entertain the kids at home can be a challenge especially if you don’t want to spend any money. At Invitation Homes, we are always striving to provide resources to our residents to help them enjoy their homes. Often, that includes suggestions or ideas on how to spend fun, quality family time.

Here is a list of 7 fun, free things to do at home with your kids during the summer, after school, on the weekends, or when you have free time.

Talent Show.

Whether you have a kid who wants to sing their favorite song, perform a magic trick, make a friendship bracelet in minutes, or teach your dog a trick, putting on a talent show is a fun way to for everyone in the family to participate. Parents could judge or come up with a list of categories from which their kids can choose. You might even want to get in on the act yourself! You can be as creative as you want to be with judging, elimination rounds and prizes.

DIY Craft Project.

With endless sources of ideas on do-it-yourself craft projects, creating a craft project can be easy for anyone. Look online at places like Pinterest for ideas on what to create and how to create it to determine if you need supplies beyond what you may already have on hand. Ideas include: decorate a shoe bin for their shoes; dress up an old frame and create a bulletin board for their room or a family-bulletin board using cork board or padded material in the center; or, design a scrapbook or online photo album.

Rearrange Your Room.

Rearranging your room is a great way to spruce it up, clean some clutter and make it feel new. Work with your kids on the layout to make sure everything will fit in the new arrangement before furniture gets moved. Next, have them de-clutter, make piles of belongings they’d like to keep or donate, and readjust any items or art they have hanging on the wall for the new configuration.

Movie Marathon.

Have everyone in the family write down a movie that they want to watch together as a family. Put them in a hat, and draw from the suggestions on a rotating basis so that everyone’s choice gets picked at some point. Afterwards, create a list of criteria and have everyone grade the movies and see which one is the most liked!

Cook Dinner (or a meal) Together.

Making meals together with your kids at any age is a great way to teach basic cooking skills that they will eventually thank you for and you will be happy that they know how to do! Whether you are trying to encourage making healthier food decisions or want them to share in household duties, having them participate in the meal preparation process is also a great way to spend time together. Start with asking them to choose what they want to make or help out with so that they are part of the creation from the beginning. Some kids like to mix and stir, others like to organize and prepare the table for the meal.

Plant a Garden.

You don’t need a green thumb to plant a garden. Start with having your kids each pick a vegetable, flower or herb that they like so that they have an interest in watching something grow. If you have space in your yard, create an area that will get a fair amount of sun throughout the day surrounded by a few boards to enclose it. A local hardware store, nursery or garden center can help suggest the soil needed for your plants or vegetables. Have your kids oversee it with daily watering and tending to, and in a few weeks their hard work will pay off! If you want to create an indoor garden for a window sill, take a long wooden box and place a few stones in the bottom, top with soil and a few plant seeds of your choice.

Create a Book Club.

Some children love to read and can’t get their nose out of a book, others need a little encouragement. Try picking a book together and create your own book club where you can discuss the plot along the way, or you each read a chapter by yourself and then discuss it.

So, the next time your kid says “I’m bored,” maybe you can post these ideas on your refrigerator as a place to start!


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