11 Fun Ways to Beat the Heat

The summer heat is stifling this year, and it’s no wonder that you might not feel like going outside or doing anything. But don’t lock yourself indoors just yet! There are plenty of fun things you can do with the family that will cool you off and cheer you up. Try one of these activities next time the mercury starts to rise.

Bottle Sprinkler
This is a twist on an old stand-by. A two-liter bottle turns a garden hose into a misty spray. Simply poke six to eight holes in the bottle, screw the bottle onto the hose with a 3/4-inch adapter, wrap the connection with plumber’s tape, and let the fun begin! The mist will water your lawn and cool your yard, and it makes for some classic fun with the kids.

Water Balloon Fun
Who doesn’t love a water balloon fight? Pick up a “Bunch of Balloons,” which fills up 37 water balloons from one hose. If you can’t find Bunch of Balloons, fill them up the old-fashioned way, one at a time. Don’t just start throwing water balloons; make them into a game. Use empty milk jugs as catching mitts and try to catch balloons from across the yard. Or try some backyard water balloon baseball.

Frozen T-Shirt Race
If it’s extra hot, try this freezing game! Prepare T-shirts by wetting them, wrapping them in wax paper, and freezing in the freezer. Once they’re stiff, hand them out to players. The first person to get his or her frozen T-shirt on wins the game (and some ice-cold refreshment).

Jump Rope
Give each player a cup full of cold water. He or she has to try to do 10 rotations of the jump rope while holding the cup. Whoever has the most water in the cup at the end wins! Hint: There won’t be much water left in anyone’s cup.

Go Ice Skating
Yes, there are ice-skating rinks open year-round! Call around your town to find out which ones are open, and get ready to lace up your skates. Ice skating is a great way to keep cool with the family on a scorching hot day.

Ice-Age Archeology
Freeze some of your kids’ toys in a big block of ice. Give them kid-safe “excavation” tools, like a kid’s hammer and screwdriver, and have them unearth their frozen friends. Before freezing, add food coloring to the water to make it harder to see and more fun to excavate.

Fruit Cubes
Make fruit ice cubes that will taste good in any drink. Simply fill an ice cube tray with a collection of berries – strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc. Cover them with water and pop into the freezer. Add the cubes to water, soda water, lemonade, or just about any other drink for a berry blast of refreshment.

Make a Face Mist
If you have a few spray bottles lying around and some extra bags of green tea, you can make a refreshing face mist that’s good for your skin and keeps you cool. Steep a few bags of green tea in cold water for two hours. Fill the spray bottles with the concoction, and you have an anti-oxidant-rich facial mist you can take anywhere. You don’t even have to encourage your kids to use it; they’ll love spraying each other with squirt bottles.

Sprayable Sidewalk Chalk
This is a cool take on a traditional kid’s activity. Simply dissolve sidewalk chalk in a spray bottle filled with water. Break it up into pieces and give the bottle a few good shakes to help it on its way. Then, let your kids go nuts with the sidewalk chalk dye! Don’t worry; a quick rinse under the hose will clean off your newly blue child.

Bobbing for Ice Cubes
Fill a kiddie pool with water and several trays of ice cubes. Each player has to stand in the water for five minutes, trying to remove as many ice cubes as possible – with his or her feet! Once the time is up, whoever has removed the most cubes wins.

Ice Fan
If it’s so hot that you insist on staying inside, you can cool off in front of an ice fan while watching a movie. Just take a bowl full of ice cubes and place it in front of an oscillating fan. You’ll get ice-cold air and a little mist as the cubes melt.



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