Get This Look from the Make it Home Show House: Kid’s Room Edition

Providing a high-quality lifestyle for an affordable price is our ongoing goal at Invitation Homes. With the help of six nationally-recognized designers, we released the Make it Home Design Forecast to provide residents affordable tips for decorating their homes. Check out the techniques and products Living Pretty on a Penny designer Erin Marshall used to transform a kid’s bedroom into a colorful space for the curious little traveler in your family.

A child’s room is easily cluttered with toys, books, socks and shoes, or arts and crafts. So when it comes to decorating your kid’s room, it’s all about maximizing the space. Visit Erin’s blog to explore her design plan and the unconventional methods she used to create this look. Shop the products below to transform your kid’s room into an organized, playful space.

Color & Pattern

  1. Temporary Wall Covering – As one of the most eye-catching components of the design, this temporary wall mural anchors the room by providing a bright color Temporary wall coverings are perfect for a young child’s room because you can easily adapt the space as they grow.
  2. Metal Bed – Not too big, not too small, and not too pricey! This vintage metal bed is just right for kids and complements the space with a touch of color.
  3. Throw Pillows – Erin pulled in the colors from the mural into the rest of the room with throw pillows on the bed and bench.
  4. Gallery Wall – A gallery wall is a great way to create visual interest as well as add your kid’s personality to the room. From paintings and pictures to photos and letters, the combinations are endless.
  5. Greenery – A simple and safe design solution, adding faux greenery to the space can liven up any room.
  6. Lattice Wood Wall Frame – Erin demonstrated her DIY skills with this lattice wood wall frame. Check out The Home Depot to see how you can recreate Erin’s look or discover more DIY project ideas.
  7. Books & Toys – What could be better than dual-purpose decorations? Your kid’s toys and books can serve as the perfect accent pieces on shelves, dressers, or bedside tables.

Unconventional Storage  

8. The Dresser – Keep the clothes off the floor and in the drawers!
9. Kallax Shelves – Erin teaches us that shelves can serve multiple purposes. By turning one of the three Kallax shelves on its side, she transformed the piece into a storage bench.
10. Baskets – Whether you want to hang, store, or slide them under the bed, baskets provide additional storage and a stylish design choice.
11. Floating Shelves – Another great DIY option, floating shelves are an inexpensive storage choice that is sure to declutter any space.

Check out our Make it Home Design Forecast for more lease-friendly tips from our design experts.


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