Dig It: The Health Benefits of Growing a Garden

Growing a garden does more than spruce up your landscaping — it can improve your health. A garden will help you get more exercise, eat healthier, clear your mind and reduce stress, and stay on budget. Keep reading to learn how a garden can benefit your holistic health.

Get Easy Exercise

Spending a few hours in the garden counts as exercise. While gardening, you are lifting the weight of fertilizer and mulch as well as doing squats. So if you can’t make it to the gym, go to the garden instead. You’ll still burn calories and feel accomplished.

Improve Your Daily Diet

Even people who stray away from vegetables prefer the flavor of fresh produce. By growing a garden, you can include more vegetables in your family’s meals. And fresh vegetables don’t just taste better than frozen produce— they contain more nutrients.

Boost Your Mood

With its methodic digging and pruning, gardening is known as a form of therapy. Many gardeners find peace by spending time alone in the garden. This chore can reduce daily stress, ease depression, and boost your overall mood. The next time you feel tense or melancholy, go to the garden.

Get Financial Fit

Keeping your family on budget will help you feel less stressed and improve your overall mental and physical health. That’s why many families have decided to grow a garden instead of overspending at the grocery store. And if you grow your own vegetables, you’ll know that the produce is fresh and organic.


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