How to Deck the Halls for the Holidays

This year, toss the tangled tinsel and decorate with winter greenery. Here’s how to spread holiday cheer in your house.

Pinecone Rosette Garland
Idea from Martha Stewart

Turn your home into a fun, festive forest with this pinecone garland.

3-inch Styrofoam ball
Craft glue
Brown tissue paper
Floral wire
Wire cutters
Evergreen garland or swag

To make the rosettes: start by sawing a 3-inch Styrofoam ball in half. Cover it with craft glue, and smooth on a piece of brown tissue paper, covering the Styrofoam completely. Cut floral wire into pieces about 5 inches long. Wrap the center of one piece of wire around the base of one pinecone. Twist the wire to secure, leaving the ends loose. Attach the pinecone to the Styrofoam by poking the wire ends through it and out the flat side. Twist the wire and fold flat to secure it. Continue adding pinecones, working from the edge to the top of the dome, until entire dome is covered. Leave the flat side bare.

To attach to the garland: add a wire loop using the same technique, and hang the pinecone cluster at the corner of an evergreen garland or swag.

Berry Cascade on a Standard Wreath
Idea from Real Simple

This wreath will welcome you into a winter wonderland.

Evergreen wreath (any variety)
8 additional evergreen branches (4 each of 2 varieties)
5 bunches of berries (2 bright red, 2 dried white tallow, 1 dark red)
Garden gloves
1 spool of medium-gauge floral wire

Set the wreath on a table. Set aside three long evergreen branches to create the drapey cascade. Trim the stems of the remaining 5 branches to 8 inches each.

Trim the stems of 1 bunch of bright red berries and 1 bunch of white berries to about 6 inches each.

Make a loose bunch of 1 short (8-inch) evergreen stem, 2 short (6-inch) stems of bright red berries, and 1 short stem of white berries. Attach the bunch with wire at 10 o’clock on the wreath.

Repeat, laying each bunch over the stems of the previous one, counterclockwise, until you’ve covered almost half the wreath with berries.

At the center of the berried part of the wreath (about 8 o’clock), poke in the 3 long evergreen branches so that they arc down. Use 1 long piece of wire to bind all 3 branches together in the back.

Attach the remaining berries to the cascade: 2 or 3 long stems of dark red, 2 or 3 long stems of bright red, and 1 or 2 long stems of white.

Tuck the remaining evergreen stems into the rest of the wreath. Tuck in extra berries as desired.

Cedar Wreath “Chandelier”
Idea from Martha Stewart

This hanging wreath is a creative twist on a holiday classic.

16-inch-diameter cedar wreath
22-inch-diameter cedar wreath
17 yards of 2-inch-wide red satin ribbon
Ceiling hook

With the small wreath’s wire frame facing up, slip one end of a 5-foot ribbon length through frame’s rim, and knot firmly. Repeat with two additional 5-foot ribbons, knotting at evenly spaced intervals around wreath.

Gather ribbons together, and knot at a point 15 inches above center of wreath. Leave these hanger ribbons in center of wreath while working on large wreath.

Attach three 4-foot ribbon lengths to large wreath frame.

Place the large wreath on top of the small wreath, aligning hanger ribbons. Gather hanger ribbons of both wreaths together, and knot 20 inches above center of large wreath. Trim ends of hanger ribbons above top knot to create a finished look.

Screw hook into ceiling. Hang wreaths from top hanger-ribbon knot.

Tie a 4-foot ribbon length at base of each hanger ribbon, and fashion into a classic bow. Trim bow tails to 12 inches.


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