How to Feel Thankful All Year Long

With menus to plan and guests to host, it’s easy to forget about the meaning of Thanksgiving: to embrace the spirit of gratitude. But thankfulness isn’t reserved for one day. Here’s how to feel grateful all year long.

Keep a Journal
Get a journal and write down what you’re grateful for each day. Focus on the positive things in your life: your family, your health, your career. Write down things you may take for granted: your mind, your sense of humor, your memories. You can spend 10 minutes or an hour — just take the time to be grateful. Try writing in your journal each morning. This will change your perspective throughout the day.

Say Thank You
Don’t keep your gratitude to yourself. Make a point to say thank you to someone at least once a day. Show thankfulness to your family, a stranger, a waiter, a co-worker. Saying thank you will remind you to feel grateful for those around you.

Be Social
Relax and feel refreshed by your friendships.  Spending time with friends will put things in perspective. You can laugh, smile, and remember good times. And you’ll walk away feeling thankful to be surrounded by friends.

Meditating may seem boring or intimidating, but it will help you feel thankful. When meditating, focus on something that makes you feel grateful. Inhale gratitude and exhale negativity. Let go of the thoughts and worries that fill your mind and focus on one thing. Start by meditating for a few moments and then, when you’re ready, graduate to a longer period of time.

Go Outside
Adopt a grateful spirit by connecting with nature. When you go outside, you can ease stress and tension. Research shows that spending time outdoors is restorative — you’ll feel energized by seeing natural beauty. Being outside will help you feel happier, healthier, and more grateful.

Working out will remind you to feel thankful for a healthy body. If you feel stressed, then try workouts that will make you feel revived instead of fatigued: yoga, Pilates, and walking. If you crave cardio, then try running, kickboxing, and cycling.

Use your talents to serve others. Volunteering will help you feel grateful for what you have while making a difference. Look for volunteer opportunities in your community or a national organization to serve.


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