How To Fight Mosquitoes This Summer

Mosquitoes aren’t just a nuisance, they’re dangerous. They carry diseases including West Nile Virus, malaria, and yellow fever. But you can protect yourself and your garden by preventing mosquitoes before they bite.

Guard Your Skin. 

If possible, wear long sleeve shirts, pants, and long socks. This is the most effective prevention for mosquito bites. If it’s too hot outside, then cover your exposed skin with insect repellant. DEET products provide the best protection against mosquitoes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests applying sunscreen first before you apply insect repellent for effective protection.

Avoid using chemicals by making your own insect repellant with natural ingredients. Many homemade repellants include items you may already have: essential oils, olive oil, witch hazel, and apple cider vinegar.

If you suffer from mosquito bites, then begin treatment immediately. Wash the affected area, apply ice, then heat, followed by baking soda or hydrogen peroxide. Avoid itching the affected area.

Guard Your Garden. 

The first step to protecting your garden is to remove standing water. Mosquitoes are drawn to pools of water to lay eggs. So be sure to check rain gutters, potholes, old tires, birdbaths, and flowerpots for excess water. 

Next, fill your garden with plants that repel mosquitoes. Plants including citronella, marigolds, ageratum, and catnip release a scent that repulses mosquitoes. Add these plants to the border of your flowerbed to protect it. Or you can plant them with other flowers in an outdoor pot.

Finally, consider buying outdoor insect repellants like an allethrin lamp or citronella scented candles. You can also add a mosquito misting system, which use insecticides to remove outdoor pests.


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