Summer outdoor activities with children

How to Keep Your Kids Active This Summer

This summer, encourage your kids to get moving! Here are a few simple ways to keep children (and parents!) active.

Stay Outside
Remember when your mom used to tell you to stay outside until the streetlight turned on? Your mom may have been on to something. When kids spend more time outside, they’re likely to move more. If your children get bored playing outside, then encourage them to play classic games like tag or four square. But remind your kids to stay hydrated during the hotter days.

Ask for Help
Encourage your kids to help around the house. Child-friendly chores like dusting and sweeping will keep your kids moving inside the home. As an incentive, motivate your children by paying an allowance or promising a family game night.

Change TV Time
While your kids watch TV, encourage them to get up and move during commercials. Children can dance, sing or stretch while watching TV. Set a positive example for your children by getting off the couch and moving too.

Go to the Park
Playing in the park is free and fun! Plan weekly excursions to the park so your children know when their next trip is. Ask your kids for help when you’re packing lunches or making snacks for the park.

Take a Stroll
Encourage the family to take walks around the neighborhood during the evenings. Walks allow you to catch up with your kids while staying active. If your children are resistant, entice them by promising dessert after the walk.


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