How to Make Cute and Creative Halloween Costumes

Instead of wandering down the costume aisle, make your kids’ Halloween costume at home. These ideas are simple, inexpensive, and fun. And there’s one costume for adults!

Shark Costume
Kid Costume from HGTV

Gray zip-up hoodie sweatshirt
4 felt quarters: 1 gray, 1 white, 1 black, and 1 red
Chalk pencil
Gray all-purpose cotton thread
Black all-purpose cotton thread
Sewing machine

Cut Slit for Fin.
Use a ruler to find the vertical center line on the back of the hoodie. Mark center with a chalk pencil. Use scissors to cut on chalk line about halfway up sweatshirt back.

Make and Sew Fin.
Fold gray felt quarter in half and turn on work surface so fold is facing away from you. Use pencil to sketch a fin that’s about 6 inches high and 8 inches wide. Cut both layers along pencil line. Pin together and sew left and right side of fin, leaving bottom edge open. Turn right-side out and smooth seam flat. Put fin into cut slit and pin seam from inside of hoodie. Check fin’s position prior to sewing to ensure it isn’t covered when hood is down. Sew along pin line with gray thread then remove pins.

Make Teeth.
Cut on center of fold around hood’s hem. Cut two 1-inch strips out of white felt quarter. Make angled cuts approximately 1 inch wide to create triangle “teeth.” With the red felt quarter, cut several ¾-inch strips to use as “gums”

Sew Teeth.
Position red strips inside cut in hood hem. Arrange “teeth” on top with about ½-inch gap between each one. Pin in place. Allow red strips to slightly overlap behind a tooth when one ends and another begins. Sew along pin line with gray thread to secure teeth and gums in place. Remove pins.

Make and Sew Eyes.
Cut out two circles, about 1inch in diameter, from black felt quarter. Cut out two white circles, slightly larger than the black circles. Layer felt cut-outs, black on top of white and off center, to create two eyes. Pin one on each side of hood. Sew around pupils with black thread to secure both layers to hood then remove pins.

Outer Space Costume
Kid Costume from Martha Stewart

Corrugated cardboard
Utility knife
Acrylic pain
Dot stickers
Yellow masking tape
Hole punch

To make Saturn or a comet, simply substitute those shapes. Draw a half-moon onto corrugated cardboard with a circle in the center the size of your child’s face. Cut out with the knife.

Prime and paint cardboard with acrylic paint. Add dot stickers and glitter. Fold a 1-inch strip of felt around inner opening. Glue in place. Trim outer edge with yellow masking tape. Punch holes on either side of opening just above your child’s ears. Tie on elastic.

Pie Costume
Baby Costume from Martha Stewart

1-inch foam
Muslin fabric
Silver acrylic paint
White glue
Brown acrylic paint
Light brown felt
Glue gun

Form a pie dish with 1-inch foam and cover with muslin fabric.

Paint it using silver acrylic paint diluted with water. One inch from the top of the dish, glue a round piece of muslin. Leave a space inside for the baby.

Add some stuffing on top, and glue slices of apple. To make apple slices, shape and bake salt dough into apple-slice shapes. Mix white glue with brown acrylic paint and drizzle it on top. Let dry overnight to look like caramel.

Cut light brown felt in 2-inch strips with one side wavy.

Glue gun the strips around the rim of the pie dish. Using the same brown felt, cut more strips and make a large lattice on top of the pie and glue gun it down.

When dry, paint it a shade of brown with acrylic paint.

Life of the Party Costume
Adult Costume from Real Simple

Empty Life cereal box
Plastic horn
Party hat

Find a plastic horn and party hat. Strap the party hat to your head and take along some confetti and a plastic horn. Complete the look by carrying a box of the cereal around with you.


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