How to Start a Fall Workout Routine

In the midst of busy back-to-school season, you can still schedule time to exercise. Follow these helpful hints to start a new workout regimen.

Change Your Workout
The change of seasons is the perfect time to change your workout routine. With a fresh regimen, you will target different muscles and maximize results. You’ll also avoid an exercise plateau or burnout. If you’ve been focusing on cardio all summer, then add weight training. If you’ve been attending exercise classes, then add personal workouts.

Explore the Outdoors
Once the temperature cools, you can incorporate the outdoors into your exercise routine. Look for nearby biking trails, walking trails, or parks. At a park, you can walk, jog, run, or bike. You can also use park benches for body weight training like push ups. On a walking trail, you can add lunges or jumping jacks to your run. When you take your workout outdoors, you will avoid boredom and burnout. You can also invite your family and turn your workout into a fun activity.

Bond with a Buddy
If you can’t always exercise with your family, then find a friend or neighbor to bring along when you work out. Schedule evening walks around the neighborhood or join a gym together. Finding a workout buddy will hold you accountable and keep you motivated.

Decide When to Workout
It’s important to know when you should exercise. Each person has a different body clock, meaning they should work out at different times. If you’re a morning person, then wake up early and exercise. If your body doesn’t function well in the morning, then try exercising on your lunch break or after work. Avoid working out too late so your sleep schedule won’t be disturbed.

Rest and Recover
Recovery days are important, especially when you’re starting a new workout routine. When you rest, your muscles have time to repair and rebuild. If you don’t want to take a day off from your routine, then take one day to stretch or do gentle yoga.


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