How to Stay Organized During The Stressful Holiday Season

The secret to a stress-free holiday season is organization. There’s no need to make a color-coded calendar or hourly schedule — a few basic steps will help you stay organized. Here are a few ways you can stay stress-free (or at least less stressed) during the holidays.

Keep a Calendar
The holiday season is a busy time. There are parties to plan and attend. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed or forget what’s on your schedule. Keep a social calendar — even if it’s just during the holiday season — so you won’t forget anything. Be sure to find the right calendar for you. You can use your cell phone, a printed calendar, or a portable planner. Write down your obligations, be careful to note the time and place of the events.

Plan Your Perfect Party
If you’re hosting a holiday celebration, be sure to plan early. Make your guest list and menu at least one week before the party. Plan your decorations a few days ahead of time and clean your home a few days before the event. When you’re planning your party, don’t be afraid to ask for help. This will help you feel prepared, allowing you to relax and enjoy the party.

Make Your List (Check It Twice)
Every gift giver should consider making a comprehensive list. This simple step will make shopping seem less daunting. Make sure to write down everyone who will receive a gift. If you’re feeling ambitious, then make a chart with each person’s name and gift ideas. Make columns to mark whether the gift is wrapped and delivered. If you feel inclined, you can add a column for the price to stay within your holiday budget.

Don’t Forget about Your Decor
It’s never too late to organize the way you store your decor. Make labeled boxes for all of your gift wrapping supplies. After carefully wrapping them with tissue paper or bubble wrap, store all of your ornaments and trinkets in a safe place. To keep your lights in good form, consider wrapping them around a coffee can. Find easy ways to store your holiday decor by visiting CubeSmart at and use your Invitation Homes 10% resident discount. You’ll be glad you organized your decor when it’s time to put everything away.

Make Your Meals Early
Preparing meals ahead of time will save time during the week. It also allows you to stay healthy when you’re busy. To meal prep, you will need tupperware or other containers. Choose one day of the week to plan and prep your meals. Plan your meals by writing down your menu for each day. Go to the grocery store and gather the ingredients you will need for your menu. Prepare your meals by washing and slicing your fruit and vegetables and preparing your meat. You can go ahead and cook the meals or store them to cook later in the week.

Don’t Be Afraid to Say No
Remember that you don’t have to agree to every commitment. If you don’t have time to make a party, don’t feel pressured to attend. Make time to volunteer during the holidays, but avoid over-committing. Enjoy the holidays by making time for yourself and your family.


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