One cheap birthday party idea is a pizza party

Kids Party Ideas

Throwing a birthday party doesn’t have to break your budget or be extravagant to be a memorable occasion for your child. In fact, some of the best childhood memories are of backyard or home birthday parties. From pinning the tail on a donkey to swinging at piñatas, not much has changed.

At Invitation Homes, we hear from many residents who love their outdoor and indoor spaces, so why not take advantage of your home to host your child’s next birthday. The good news is you don’t have to come up with elaborate ideas to create a terrific party because chances are, kids just want to run around. To help you, here are five ideas for celebrating your child’s birthday in style and on a budget:

Backyard Games.

If your child’s birthday falls during the hot summer months, you can create fun water-themed parties with games like water balloon tosses, relay races through sprinklers, and slip-n-slides. For chillier months, don’t be afraid to get the kids outside for pumpkin carving, apple bobbing and scarecrow decorating games.

Next Top Chef.

Why not combine two things kids love most: pizza and games? Host a cooking competition for your child’s party where each child gets to make their own pizza and all the kids taste and judge them. Let the winner take home a prize!

Bring in the Entertainment.

Sometimes it reduces your stress level to bring in the entertainment rather than trying to come up with your own idea for your child’s party. There are many local, skilled artisans who will work for reasonable rates for a kid’s birthday party. Call your local community center for names of magicians, face painters, balloon artists, or clowns. Better yet, you might just know an aunt or uncle that would love to dress up and play the part.

Pick a Theme.

Kids (and, let’s face it, adults) love to dress up. So, pick a theme and have everyone wear a costume to the party, bake cookies in shapes to correspond to the theme and build your games around it. For instance, invite the kids to celebrate at a Flower Power party. Kids can choose to dress like 70’s hippies, bumble bees, butterflies, who knows? Music by the Beetles. Cookies in the shape of flowers. Games like pin the butterfly on the flower, Twister and Hula Hoop contests.

Family TimeBackyard Movie.

If it’s in the budget, consider renting or buying a projector to show a great family-themed movie in your backyard (there are affordable options online for less than $100). You can pin up a large white sheet to use as your screen. Add some popcorn, big box candy and you have a great evening party for the kids. You might even have them wear costumes that work with the movie. And if it’s the right size party and the right group of kids, have them stay for a slumber party with pancakes in the morning.


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