Unique Rental: The Spaceship House On Signal Mountain

The 7 Most Unique Rentals in the United States”

Near Chattanooga, located in the wooded backcountry of Tennessee, rises a white concrete flying saucer. This hidden oddity is actually a 2,000 square foot, three-bedroom rental home. Even better, it is cheap enough that a group of college students could split the rent and afford to live there.

All throughout the United States there are pleasant surprises lurking among the typical rental property listings. These buildings are one in a million. If you want to find a giant Duck-shaped produce stand in Long Island, New York or a converted airplane hotel, you have to do some serious Google searching. We put together a list of the most interesting rental properties in the United States.

The Spaceship House. For a measly $1,950 you too can pretend to be an Earth invader! The home is pre-furnished, and some of the furniture uses recycled materials. The building is closely watched and taken care of by its owner. The Spaceship House is located up on Signal Mountain. The building itself is vaulted on large supports, with a staircase leading up to the front door.

The Boom Box House. If you are into music and expensive living, you should travel to Hawaii. There, for upwards of $175 a night, you can stay in a three-story building designed to look like towering boom boxes. The building is situated above the black beaches on the eastern side of Kehena, just a short walk from the ocean. The windows are round like speakers, and clusters of fern surround the building. The house has two bedrooms and a loft for family vacations.

The Original Spite House. The origin of this property is as interesting as the structure itself. The legend goes that after the landowner passed away around the time of the American Civil War, two brothers inherited the Boston land and bickered about what to do with it. One of the brothers, Joseph Euestus, left for the military, and the other brother greedily bought the property and built a large estate. After Joseph returned, he found little property left for him. In an act of revenge, he built North America’s first spite house. Joseph’s house, however skinny, blocked his brother’s view of the harbor.

The Spite (or Slim) House is a mere 10.5’ at its widest. The interior of the home is even smaller. The narrowest areas are just a bit larger than 6’. There are only five doors hung throughout the home because opening doors takes up too much space. Inside the house, the bathroom is the only room separated from the others by a door. Despite its small size, the house has nearly 1,000 square feet of living space and two bedrooms.

Sinya, The Giant Glamp Tent. Standing high above a waterfall near Lone Man Creek outside of Austin, Texas is a massive tent. This house is only large enough for two and fashioned after luxury Safari living. The detail in the design is staggering, and the bamboo gives the home a peaceful feel. Since its construction in the 2000s, “glamping” slowly rose in popularity.

The Ice Cream Estate. In Clermont, Florida you can find every child’s dream: a beautiful estate, park, and pool fashioned after an ice cream theme. The home itself has 10 bedrooms set on five acres with enough space to sleep 52 people. The bedrooms’ designs are fashioned after famous candies and chocolates.

The mansion is part hotel and part resort. The property has an ice-cream shaped swimming pool, a massive kids’ section filled with rides and playground equipment, an outdoor projector screen, and a splash park. And, of course, the house has lots of ice cream.

A Converted Firehouse. Along the French Quarter in New Orleans stands an old firehouse that, for years after Katrina, was a community eyesore. It was finally purchased and converted into a vacation rental property. The building is located right in the heart of the action in New Orleans. It has 7 bedrooms and is large enough for 14 people to stay.

The building includes a great deal of amenities. It has private living quarters, a courtyard complete with a fountain and an outdoor garden. Inside is a rec room with billiards, air hockey, and other games.

The building is extremely popular and is often backlogged with reservations that stretch out months. Not only is this building great for vacationing families, but it also doubles as an event location for small groups of people. It serves wedding parties, birthdays, special events, baby showers, and receptions.


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