Kids Cooking

Plan a Fun Stay-at-Home Evening that Your Kids Will Love

Cook Dinner Together

Regardless of your age, learning to cook and understanding basic kitchen skills is extremely beneficial. In the kitchen, kids will practice math, problem solving, and comprehension, all while learning a skill they can use for the rest of their lives.

To get this night-in started, let your kids find a fun or new recipe they want to try for dinner. You might want to do this a few days in advance to get any ingredients you may need. While cooking, give them simple but entertaining tasks, like pouring or stirring. As you’re working, show them each step to keep them engaged.

Kids build confidence when they work in the kitchen. It shows them that putting in the work and effort can lead to something good. You’re teaching them skills that they can use outside of the kitchen, as well as how to take care of themselves when they get older.

Pillow FortPillow Fort

Everyone loves a good pillow fort. They’re cozy and relaxing, plus they’re just the right amount of rebellion and adventure. They’re relatively simple to make, and you probably already have everything you need. Let you and your kids’ imaginations run wild while building your little wonderland. Here’s a great step-by-step guide with basic designs for your fort:

Once your fort has been assembled, you can add special touches to make it feel like a magical place. String lights or LED, flameless candles can create a fun ambiance. Gather some books to read or movies to watch while snuggling with stuffed animal friends.

Dad and Daughter BakingDessert Time

Before settling into your magnificent pillow fort, consider making a yummy snack/dessert to munch on while relaxing. Here are a few tasty choices that you all can enjoy making together:


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