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Ring in the New Year!

It’s that time of the year again – when we say goodbye to one year and celebrate the beginning of another 365 days! The best way to spend New Year’s Eve is with friends and family.

This is a great time to reminisce on the joys and triumphs the last year has brought, as well as set resolutions and goals to strive toward in the next year.

Are you planning to host a New Year’s Eve party? We have a few ideas and tips for a successful start to the new year!


Gold BalloonsWhen you think of New Year’s you think of flashy, glitzy, and of course – glitter. That being said, your decorations should evoke these facets. Decorate with blacks, whites, and metallics, like tinsel garland, for a festive feel.

  • A great decorating idea to try is a “balloon chandelier.” Do this by simply purchasing balloons that coordinate with your color scheme. Place a penny in the balloon before filling them up so that the balloon has weight to hold it down once blown up. Once filled and tied, tie a string to the balloon and tape the end of the string to the ceiling so that the balloon hangs down at the desired length. Fill up and tape as many balloons as you wish until you have the desired chandelier look! For a more fun look, tape the balloons to hang at different heights!
  • Another fun decoration that also serves as entertainment is a photo booth set up with lots of fun holiday themed props to use! Designate a hashtag for guests to use when posting onto social media and let them enjoy taking pictures all night long! Bonus idea: include a small white board or chalkboard for picture-takers to write down their new years resolutions, or a fun holiday quote. All you need is a simple background, which you can easily make by using some fun wrapping paper on a blank wall. Add some fun decorations or cut out letters spelling ‘Happy New Year’ and tape onto the wrapping paper!
  • Other decorations to have on hand are party hats, poppers, noisemakers, and horns for your guests to wear and enjoy! You can easily find these items at for cheap at the dollar store!



The last thing you need are hungry guests! Keep them satisfied with these easy to make festive New Year’s Eve appetizers!

  • Because the party starts after dinner, have these easy finger foods available, or these simple hors d’oeuvres available.
  • If you’re feeling creative, you can also bake these fun confetti clock cookies! They will have your guests biting into a festive surprise, and are the perfect themed dessert. Check out Repeat Crafter Me for the full recipe.



Champagne and barNo New Year’s Eve party is complete without the bubbly so stock up on champagne flutes (real or disposable) and invest in at least enough Champagne or Prosecco for guests to toast at midnight. Don’t forget to supply sparkling juices for the non-drinkers!

  • Include a champagne bar that has different flavored champagnes and additional ingredients to mix up the perfect cocktail! Want some cocktail ideas? Look at the 25+ New Year’s Eve drink ideas Blog Her has created!
  • Dress up your champagne glasses too by adding festive gold confetti! Check out Pizzazzerieand craft some of your own!



Hats and MasksKeep the party going with fun entertainment!

Countdown Boxes – these entertaining boxes are a great idea to incorporate into your NYE party! To play, you simply need three boxes to open during the designated hour. Each box has a different game idea geared toward reflecting on the previous year. Open the first box around 9 pm. It can include a pop-culture based game. Make a list of popular movie, song, TV, or social media quotes from the year. Guests then have to match each one to the correct answer. Guests can work in teams or individually, and the team or individual with the most correct answers will be awarded a prize – such as a gift card or a bottle of champagne! The second box, 10 pm, can be about cultural events and the order in which they happened that year. Again, the team or individual with the most events in the correct order will receive a prize. Lastly, have a box to open around 11:50 pm that has plenty of party hats, party popper, party blowers, and silly string for guests to celebrate the countdown at midnight!


Prepare for the Countdown

Be sure to have clocks and TVs available so that guests can anticipate the arrival of the New Year, and be able to watch the world-famous ball drop when it does!

Want to make your own New Years ball? You will need a styrofoam ball, tinsel garlands and pompoms, pins, thick glittery ribbon, glue, glitter paper, and bamboo skewer.

To Make:

  • Start by pinning on one end the of the tinsel garland to the styrofoam ball
  • Wrap tinsel garland around until the ball is completely covered
  • Wrap the ribbon in a fun design, such as the blue ribbon
  • Add your tinsel pompoms with either by gluing or by pinning
  • Using your glitter paper, draw 2017 in large bold lettering and cut out
  • Glue a bamboo skewer to the back of the date so that the date stands up straight
  • Lastly, stick the skewer in the styrofoam ball!



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