Simple Steps to Encourage Your Kid to Read

Kids are resistant to reading for several reasons. They may find it boring and rather watch TV, or they may find it difficult and feel embarrassed. If your child is refusing to read, you have to take action. Here’s how:

The complaint: “I’m bored.”
The cure: Make it interactive.
As a parent, you can make reading fun! Recruit your child’s toys to play roles in the story. Ask your other children to join the fun. As a family, you can ask questions and interact with the story.

The cure: Find the right book.
Your child may be reading the wrong genre. Take your child to the library and bookstore and let them look around. Experiment with different books to find what your kid enjoys.

The complaint: “I’d rather watch TV.”
The cure: Cut TV time.
Limit the amount of time your child can watch TV. Avoid using TV time as a reward. Instead, make reading a reward for doing chores and earning a good grade.

The cure: Be an example.
Cut down on your own TV time too. Make sure your child sees you reading. Talk about the books you’re reading with your children.

The complaint: “It’s hard.”
The cure: Start small.
Begin with easier books, and then graduate to longer stories. Don’t push your child too hard. Let them enjoy the process of discovering new stories.

The cure: Reading reward.
Reward your child when he finishes a difficult book. This will keep your kid motivated and interested in reading.

The complaint: “I’m embarrassed.”
The cure: Take turns.
If your child is struggling with reading out loud, then take turns. Don’t let your kid get frustrated or embarrassed. This will discourage a child from reading.

The cure: Practice makes perfect.
The more your child reads, the more comfortable he will feel. Your kid may resist at first, but he must read often to improve.


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