Six Steps To Stay Organized All Year

Each new year marks a new beginning – a change to start fresh and make your life a little simpler. To make this a more successful year, you may have resolved to get organized. A key to keeping this resolution is to make a plan to stay organized every day – not just the day after New Years. Follow these six simple steps to make this your most organized year yet.


Ditch the old
The easiest way to clear clutter is to sort through what you don’t need. This should be the first step of getting organized, and it should also be embedded in your regular cleaning routine. If you’re having a hard time letting go of a sentimental item, then ask yourself, “Would I buy this if I saw it in a store?” If the answer is no, then donate it or throw it away.

Only buy the best
To keep clutter from accumulating in your home, you should only buy what you need. Avoid purchases based on bargains or convenience; look for quality items that will last. Before you buy something ask yourself, “Will I donate this in a year?”

Use lots of labels
Before you put anything in a box, you should label it. Put all paperwork in a marked file and avoid labeling anything “Miscellaneous.” This simple step will add organization to your everyday life.

Schedule organization sessions
Organizing can be vastly time-consuming. Instead of spending an entire Saturday decluttering and doing paperwork, schedule 15 minutes a day. Or, to mentally prepare for the week, spend an hour organizing each Sunday afternoon.

Stick with what’s best for you
There isn’t a one size fits all organization system. You need to find what works for you, whether that’s using clear containers or color-coordinated boxes. Some people need to sort through their mail every day, and others prefer to it once a week. Others choose to pay all of their bills online, preventing chaos and clutter. Find what works for you and stick with it all year.

Call for backup
You need to create an organization system that is sustainable and not burdensome. If that means asking your spouse for help, then don’t be afraid to recruit assistance. Teach your children organization skills by encouraging them to sort their own items.


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