Smart Start to the New Year

If you want a smart start to the New Year, make a change and utilize your Smart Home technology. Renting a Smart Home is an excellent way to save money, live safely, and enjoy an easier, more convenient lifestyle.

Actively utilizing your available Smart Home tech simplifies major aspects of any daily routine. It ensures you never have to second guess whether you locked the front door, if you turned down the air, or if the kids can get into the house. The money you save on monthly energy bills often covers the cost of the Smart Home services, and the convenience of home automation from your smart phone or device offers a priceless peace of mind.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from your Invitation Homes Smart Home, how it differs from other smart home services, and what its key features include.

No Equipment Costs

Because Invitation Homes remodels each house with the best interests of our residents in mind, every home is pre-installed with Smart Home technology and is ready to be activated. While you don’t have to use your home’s Smart Home features, it is always readily available for simple, pain-free activation.

No Activation Fee

Unlike many other smart home services, the Invitation Homes Smart Home doesn’t require any upfront costs. And since there is no equipment or installation fee, all you pay is the low monthly subscription.

Low Monthly Fee

There are many smart home services that cost upward of $40 to $50 a month. Invitation Homes, however, provides a high-quality product at a more affordable price. It costs half as much and provides all the same perks, including temperature control, remote lock, unique access codes, and event history and notifications.

Save Up to 15% on Monthly Energy Expenses

The money you save on energy bills while utilizing your Smart Home can potentially pay for the entire service itself.

Energy Management

Your Smart Home allows you better control over your home’s temperature and energy efficiency.

  • Whether you’re on-site or using your smart phone, tablet, or computer, you have control over your thermostat.
  • Adjust your home’s target temperature so the home will always automatically maintain an ideal temperature.
  • Set schedules for automated temperature control that allow for hands-free home management and the best energy savings.

Streamlined Mobile App

Our user-friendly mobile application allows you to control any of the Smart Home features from the convenience of your phone, no matter where you are. Its intuitive design is meant to keep home management simple and enjoyable, while also providing all the features you need to get the most out of your Smart Home experience. And, for extra convenience, our mobile app is compatible with smart watch tech.

Improved Security

A smart home is a safe home and allows you to manage its security from your phone.

  • Access notifications alert you when an entrance to your home is accessed while you’re away.
  • System event notifications notify you if the smart home systems run into complications with power failure, power restoration, low batteries, malfunctions, and website logins.
  • Lock or unlock your doors through your smart phone app, regardless of where you are.

Contract Length

Our services do not require a minimum contract length. Your contract for Smart Home services only lasts as long as your lease. And unlike other smart home services, there are no termination fees added to the end of the contract.

For an additional overview of what an Invitation Homes Smart Home can add to your lifestyle, check out this video.

Invitation Homes offers the Smartest Homes with the highest value at the most competitive prices. Check out available home listings, locations, and features here.


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