Why We Love Las Vegas

Why We Love Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada—home to lights, gambling, big personalities, and bigger shows. Outsiders may have a hard time imagining everyday life here. However, Vegas offers a range of experiences for every personality. Here are some of our favorite things about living in Las Vegas.

A Taste of Everything

Las Vegas is nestled in an ideal location to access a variety of activities. It’s a mere four hours from the beach by car, allowing for fun-filled and sunny weekends. Snowboarding is within reach at the nearby Utah resorts. Beautiful natural wonders, such as Red Rock Canyon and Lake Mead, are within an hour and a half of the strip. If you’re willing to drive five or six hours, the Grand Canyon and Death Valley are readily accessible. Living in Las Vegas means choosing your own adventure each weekend.

Sense of History

Las Vegas contains a great deal of history on every corner—if you know where to look. The Fremont Street Experience is one of the best-publicized remnants of old Las Vegas. This glitzy four-block expanse is full of vintage buildings, museums, and remnants of Vegas in its heyday.

Organized crime, namely the mob, has been a part of Vegas since the beginning, which is evident in locations such as the Valentine’s Day Massacre wall, presently residing in The Mob Museum. These must-see exhibits are a source of sobering and fascinating history. Dedicated to educating visitors about the history of law enforcement and organized crime, this destination resides in the downtown district. An interactive journey awaits all who enter, with detailed true stories from the American mob. Artifacts, multi-sensory exhibits, and testimonies from officers of the law and mob members open a window into this shadowy world.

On the brighter side of Las Vegas, neon signs have been an iconic element to the city since the golden age of the Rat Pack. Many of these classic signs fell into disrepair and were removed. The Neon Boneyard is a three-acre plot of land housing more than 150 decommissioned signs—many of which are quite large. Soon to be incorporated into the Las Vegas Neon Museum, these signs are open to the public for viewing.

Las Vegas is an interesting combination of bright lights and a shadowy past. Both of these elements have left their mark on the city, and we love this about Vegas.

The Art

There are hundreds of shows to choose from in Las Vegas. The locals will tell you that some of the best art is produced off the strip. The city is home to many innovative artists, and the 18b Arts District is a prime example. The name remains from the area’s original sector designation, though it has since outgrown its initial 18-block radius. Not far from Freemont Street, 18b is just south of downtown Vegas. Galleries, unique shops, and restaurants fill this exciting district.

Each month, a “First Friday” event is held in the 18b Art District, regularly drawing close to 10,000 visitors. Food and beverage vendors, musicians, visual artists, and performing artists are all on display. Benefits, artist talks, new exhibits, and other events make up a year-round calendar of activities in 18b.

It’s Not That Serious

One of the things we love most about Vegas is laughter. The city doesn’t take itself too seriously, and that’s evident every day. Visit the Zombie Apocalypse Store for all of the training you need to survive the outbreak, check out Alternate Reality Comics for your dose of fantasy, or stop in to the Bonanza General Store—the world’s largest gift shop. From weird shops to hundreds of Elvis impersonators, Vegas knows how to poke fun at itself.

In addition to embracing the fun, funny, and bizarre, Las Vegas loves to laugh. An emerging improv comedy scene is evidence of this trend. The Second City closed its doors in 2008, but the movement it started has continued. The L.A. Comedy Club at Bally’s Hotel and Casino, The Riviera Comedy Club, Brad Garratt’s Comedy Club at the MGM Grand, and The Improve at Harrah’s have all emerged as popular and successful improve comedy nights in the city.

Las Vegas may be just a row of slot machines to some, but to us, it’s a deeply rooted historic city that enjoys art, laughter, and easy access to nearly any activity desired.


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