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Yard Art for Your Lawn Decorations

Inexpensive and Creative Yard Decoration Ideas

As fall approaches, most of us are thinking about readying our homes for winter.  Outdoor spaces often get overlooked during these transitional months, but it’s never too late to add some color to your front steps, yards, walkways, gardens, patios and front door.  Our Invitation Homes have beautiful yards and many residents get creative and take advantage of the space, but in case you need inspiration here are four inexpensive yard decoration ideas to think about:

Get Creative with Fall Flowers

Mums and asters are always a favorite for their warm fall colors and blooms but they can show off your yard even more in decorative displays. Get creative and use large baskets, empty bushels or barrels, metal watering cans, or a wheelbarrow.  Decorate a rectangle box crate, or a bird cage and fill them with flowers, or use the basket of a vintage bicycle as a flower basket. Depending on the size of your decorative planter, flank them on either side of your front door, by your patio, along your walkways or on window sills.

Mosaic Stepping Stones

Most nurseries sell do-it-yourself stepping stones with mosaic tiles but so do many craft stores.  Choose autumn colors that reflect the changing leaves such as corals, oranges, reds, and yellows.  Mosaic stepping stones provide color along the path to your back or side yards or near your patio.

String Lights

Stringing lights along your back fence, around your back patio or under a large outdoor patio umbrella creates a magical garden effect.  If you don’t have a structure to hang the lights, try getting 4 wooden posts and stake them around your patio for stringing the lights.  There are many different string lights available in length and style to satisfy anyone’s tastes.

Garden Globes

Glass garden globes add color to any garden and many people use them as a garden focal point. While most nurseries carry them, you can certainly make your own.  Frequent DIY-ers suggest using lamp globes, which have strong, thick glass, as the base.  You can simply spray paint them or glue flat marbles, glass beads, or seashells in your own unique patters. Attach them to a metal stand and place them throughout your garden.



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