Group Of Young Friends Watching Sports On Television And Cheering

Your Game Plan for The Big Game

The Big Game is fast approaching, and we want to help you prepare to host a watch party so memorable, people will be talking about it for years. We’ll walk you through the ways to make your space as functional as possible, so no one misses a second of action during the game or commercial breaks. Because everyone knows the commercials are just as important as the game itself.

Arranging the Furniture

The way your furniture is arranged makes a big difference in the quality of your guests’ viewing experience. This may sound as simple as pointing all your seating toward the TV. However, putting a bit more thought into it before the game will save you from annoyances during the game. Before you start, it’s important to remember that it may not be feasible to host 20 people if you only have seating for eight. Before you send out invites, calculate how many people you can reasonably accommodate in your space and if you have room for any additional seating that can be added. You can make it a BYOS (bring your own seat) party to squeeze in a few extra people.

Access to Snacks

If you can, try to leave exit paths through your seating set-up for easy bathroom and snack runs. There’s nothing worse than missing a pivotal play because Steve was stumbling around in front of the TV with a plate full of chips and guac and nowhere to go. Make these paths obvious to guests so there’s no question how traffic is indented to flow. Speaking of snacks, no football game is complete without copious amounts of snacks and finger foods. Some classics include any kind of chips and dip, bacon-wrapped jalapeños, cheese, and cracker trays, and basically anything you can eat without having to take your eyes off the screen. For inspiration, check out our blog on tasty treats for The Big Game.

Having a designated snacking station will prevent needing to pass bowls and plates around, distracting everyone from the main event and risking spillage. If your viewing room is set off the kitchen, then your kitchen table is a great spot for snacks. If you’re watching in another area of the home, a folding table will work perfectly. Just make sure the TV is in full view from the snacks, so not a single moment is missed.

Other Things to Remember

  •  Take food allergies and diet requirements into consideration.
  •  If you don’t have room for extra chairs, floor cushions are a great alternative.
  •  Don’t forget the ice! And lots of it.
  •  Add a little flare with some football-themed decorations.
  •  Keep multiple trash cans poised and ready for easy clean up throughout the night.
  •  Have a variety of drinks available.
  •  If kids will be there, consider having a few activities to keep them occupied.
  •  Make sure all your guests have a good place to park that won’t obstruct any of your neighbors’ spaces.
  •  With lots of people packed into your home, it might get a little hot. Either turn the thermostat down a few degrees or set out some fans.


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