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Sahara Scholarhip Winner

Sahara and Bee

Not all bees buzz. In fact, many don’t. Specifically, stuffed animal bees don’t buzz. The most valuable thing to me is a stuffed bee that was gifted to me. Gifts given to us by others hold immense value in our hearts. Though, if somebody else picked up my stuffed Bee, I’m sure they would see no value in it. But that’s because it isn’t their bee; it’s my Bee.The littlest of things could have monumental value to somebody, and virtually no value to others. The greatest part of the human heart is its ability to see beauty in things that others can’t see. After all, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

Years ago, as a fourth grade child, I traveled to a land many don’t know the way I do; that land was Iran. While there, I was introduced to my distant family, a family I had never known. Part of that family was my grandmother, Jahanjoon. Her maternal instinct shone like no other. A grandma I had only just met, yet felt I had known forever. There is a certain charm that grandmothers have that not all possess. Their food tastes better; their comfort feels better; their hugs feel warmer. Grandmas know everything and can do everything. Whether it was making me the perfect eggs or picking out the prettiest jewelry, there’s little a grandmother cannot do.

I spent the following months learning and growing with Grandma. It was a beautiful summer, but all good things must come to an end. Though, prior to my departure back to the States, my Grandma gifted me something: a white bee with red hearts all over it. I instantly fell in love with it, but then I noticed that it was missing an arm. While I was okay with that, my selfless Grandmother took it upon herself to go to the store and to get me a new one. In doing so, I got to keep the bee with all her arms, and she kept the one missing an arm. Now we always had our Bees, no matter how far away.

The best part about visiting family in foreign land is all the things one can experience with their family. The worst thing is it only lasts a short while until it’s time to leave. But what I had to keep me close to my Grandma was my Bee, and she had the same one with her in Iran. Even though we were nearly seven thousand miles away from one another, our Bees kept us close at heart. That was my refuge.

A few years after that, darkness struck, My Grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, and she left this Earth all too soon. Now, the distance between us was immeasurable. It was too far to be put into a numerical value. The strain on my heart was too heavy a burden to bear. My first instinct upon hearing this news was to go hug my Bee. While my Grandma was no longer on this Earth, she was still in our hearts. She was with me whenever I held my Bee. In fact, it was the only thing that comforted me. Being twelve years old at the time, I had no real experience with grief. All I knew was I would never hear my Grandma’s voice again. But I also knew that I would feel her love every time I held my Bee.

The beauty of gifts does not rely on price; it relies on love. My Bee, from my Grandma, is a symbol of pure love. That love does not vanish once someone departs; it grows. Her heart of gold was magnified in that hour in which she purchased me my Bee, and her love grows in me every time I see it. Death is not an end; the real end is when somebody’s influence stops affecting us. Though, if someone leaves a real impact on you, that influence will never leave you. Grandmas teach us how to be pure, honest, and loving. They teach us life lessons they’ve learned throughout their lives. While my Grandma’s days were limited, she had much wisdom in her, wisdom that follows me today. My Bee is a reminder of the selfless woman I knew, the one who loved me purely and honestly. The one who would buy a bee twice all because mine was missing an arm. The one who made me eggs every morning. The one who taught me what it means to love. That type of influence can never leave me. That’s why I’ll be taking my Bee with me to college, because it isn’t just a bee; it’s my Bee, and it taught me lessons that college can’t give me, but lessons I can give to those around me.


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