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Lawn care services from task easy

Invitation Homes wants to make fulfilling your lawn maintenance commitment as easy as possible.

We know a lot of work goes into maintaining a home, and at Invitation Homes, we want to help make your resident responsibilities easier. One of the benefits of a single-family home is the joy of having your own yard, so you can spend quality time in the outdoors.

To enhance your leasing lifestyle, we’ve partnered with TaskEasy – a lawn care service made easy. As an exclusive offer for Invitation Homes residents, pricing starts at only $35* per visit with the standard service plan that includes yard mowing, mulching grass clippings, weed eating, and debris blowout, with premium services offered at an additional price.


A TaskEasy lawn maintenance plan offers 



How does investing in a lawn care service save you time and money?

  • Spend your weekends enjoying your yard instead of working it. 
  • It’s an easy and carefree way to fulfill your resident responsibility and avoid HOA violations. 
  • Save the expense of investing in equipment such as a mower, edger, weed eater, blower, and chemicals. It may be more costeffective to hire a professional. 
  • Maintaining and cleaning your lawn equipment can be timeconsuming and costly. Instead of replacing your worn-out equipment, why not hire a lawn care service? 
  • Your lawn stays healthy and green, with no expensive repair costs due to ineffective lawn treatments. The professionals are expertly trained and knowledgeable. That’s the TaskEasy guarantee. 

TaskEasy FAQs

Q: How much does TaskEasy’s lawn maintenance service cost?
A: Invitation Homes residents will receive the TaskEasy lawn maintenance package at an exclusive rate of $35* per visit. Other services are available at an additional price. For more details, visit taskeasy.com/invitationhomes or call 844-866-6699

Q: What’s included in my lawn maintenance service package?
A: The standard lawn maintenance package includes yard mowing, mulching grass clippings, weed eating, and debris blowout.

Q: Is lawn maintenance required in my lease?
A: Yes, lawn maintenance is the resident’s responsibility. You can check out a complete list of resident responsibilities here.

Q: How do I schedule a service?
A: You can schedule a service and manage your plan through TaskEasy’s online portal or mobile app. For 24/7 support call 844-866-6699.

Q: How do I pay for TaskEasy’s lawn care service?
A: When you register and schedule a service on TaskEasy’s website or app, you will provide your credit card information. Once the service is complete and you are satisfied with the results, the credit card on file will be charged. Phone support is available at844-866-6699.

Q: What if I am not happy with the work?
A: After each service, TaskEasy will email you photos to verify the service is completed to your satisfaction. You will have two days to approve or reject the work. If you do not respond, the work will be auto-approved and payment will be processed. All services are insured and covered by TaskEasy’s satisfaction guarantee.

Q: Does TaskEasy offer other lawn care services?
A: Yes. In addition to lawn mowing, TaskEasy offers aeration, fertilization, tree trimming, and more at an additional charge. For a complete list of services, call 844-866-6699.

Q: If I order a recurring lawn mowing service, can I skip a week?
A: Yes. If you need to skip a lawn mowing service, please contact TaskEasy at least 48 hours before your next scheduled service.

*Pricing based on weekly service and may vary by lawn size.


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