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At Invitation Homes, we believe a home is only as good as the lives lived, and memories created, within it.

Our residents shared with us some of their favorite memories in their Invitation Homes:

  • Watching my kids make friends in the neighborhood and seeing the joy on their faces as they ride bikes, go to the neighborhood park and even spend the night at each other’s house.
  • My wife and I got married in the back yard and we had 100 people here.
  • Our first night in our own home not the apartment that we lived in for 30 +yrs. We had such a nice family dinner where we all were able to sit together and eat as a family.
  • I was doing yard work and the neighbor came over and introduced himself to me. It gave me a sense of being ‘home’ and like our neighborhood is our community and we can rely on each other.
  • Our grandbabies camping out in the living room with us, in front of the fireplace.
  • The openness and bright atmosphere here makes living here peaceful. I’ve never felt more at home in any place I’ve lived like I am here. Truly feel like GOD placed here for a reason.

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More of our residents’ favorite memories about leasing from Invitation Homes:

  • Our house is the “go to” hang out spot of our friends – lots of socializing here because the location and structure is great!
  • Laying out and listening to music in the back yard with our dogs running around having fun!
  • This home was a huge help in me finding my independence as a quadriplegic.
  • My daughters love the house, my oldest daughter was afraid to talk to the kids from the neighborhood and she finally decided to be brave and talk to them, now, they are best friends, all the kids play together and they take care of each other, play inside the house and outside because there is plenty of room.
  • My first home with my high school sweetheart after thirty years.
  • Our first night in our own home not the apartment that we lived in for 30 +yrs. We had such a nice family dinner where we all were able to sit together and eat as a family.
  • The happiness that my boys show every time they talk about their new home.
  • The sunrise in the back letting lots of light in the home.
  • Our great garden and family get-togethers.
  • My daughter’s 6th Birthday party, all my friends love the house, it’s perfect.
  • When our son visited for Christmas from the Army.
  • The perks of having a home big enough for people to come and visit while in town.
  • We hosted our first extended family Thanksgiving in 2016 and had a wonderfully blessed gathering.
  • Favorite memory in this home is when my daughter got her driver’s permit and parked our car for the first time in the two-car garage. Thank God for this big garage in this house!
  • The privacy of renting a single family home.
  • Giving my kids a back yard…They’re much happier.
  • The day my son and I moved in he was so happy to have a yard to play in and to be able to have a place to put his basketball ball goal, he was so thankful.
  • We lived in a condo forever before this and actually having trick or treaters and spending it with family was wonderful.
  • Family get-togethers are so much easier to have “all” of us together. Plenty of space to cook and hang out!
  • Moving in. Driving up from South Florida and moving into the house – you made it very easy. The gentleman was waiting for me as I was pulling in to do a walk-through with me.
  • Just watching my grandchildren able to play and swim in the summer in a safe environment.
  • First time ever BBQ with friends in new home and after relocation to Miami.
  • Rolling down the hills in the common area with my grandson, playing dribble and soccer with him there as well.
  • Waking up to actual birds singing.
  • Time with my dogs and enjoying yard work.
  • Visitors remark WOW upon visiting.
  • Owls hooting at night and clear skies shining with multitude of stars.
  • Moving from Arizona from active duty into our first off base home and seeing our family in it.
  • Just very excited to get back into a home after a bad divorce. My children did not have a yard to play in when I lived into an apartment. This house not only makes it feel like home again but has a special meaning to my kids as a fresh start to life.
  • My grandson and I have a blast in the back yard doing different activities.
  • Playing darts with my Vietnam veteran brothers in the garage/man cave.
  • Our first Christmas in our home, I was able to have all my children together, after so many years.


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