PCS Invitation Homes – Military Veterans Hiring Program

PCS Invitation Homes – Military Veterans Hiring Program

Find out more about PCS Invitation Homes, a program that’s focused on creating career opportunities for military veterans. We believe that hiring veterans is not only right for America – it’s right for our business. In this video, you’ll hear from veterans who work at Invitation Homes, and learn how the core values of our company match those they learned in the military. Invitation Homes is America’s leader in single-family homes for rent, and we have jobs of all kinds for individuals who have proudly served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Find your place in our growing company and take advantage of a competitive salary and a strong benefits package. Find out more about available positions at invitationhomes.com/careers.


John: Hello, I’m John Bartling, CEO of Invitation Homes. Invitation Homes is the largest owner of single-family residential housing for rent in the United States. We provide housing for over 50,000 families. We improve neighborhoods, homes, parks. We serve those who live in our homes and are looking for those who are serving our country to come and work for us.

Greg: Yeah, I think a veteran should come to work at Invitation Homes because I think our core values of commitment, trust, and respect dovetail perfectly with that of the military. There’s a commitment at the organizational level to be the best at what we do, to deliver exceptional customer service, whether that’s to our investor customer, to our resident customer, or to our fellow associates, our internal customers. There’s the aspect of trust, knowing that as we’re out doing our business on a day-to-day basis, that we’re going to have the tools and resources that we need, that we’re working together as collectively as a team, and that we have each other’s backs. And then there’s the respect aspect of it, that we’re going to treat each other with dignity and respect, much like people in the military do.

Gavin: A veteran with a background in IT or networking, it’s a great fit here at Invitation Homes because our network is becoming more robust on a daily basis and our skills are directly applied and used every single day.

Tim: When we’re looking at military veterans, we’re looking for people that have great leadership skills, great follower-ship skills, also folks that are great multi-taskers. Those are all skills that you learn serving in the military. To date, we’ve rehabbed over 40,000 homes, and veterans play a very important part in that. We know that a veteran is managing a rehab project that he or she is going to show up on time, they’re going to hold contractors accountable, they’re going to make tough decisions on the spot, in order to keep that project going, and they’re going to deliver that home on time and under budget.

Tanisha: I’ve been able to expound on a lot of my military experience. Invitation Homes is a platform for growth. This job requires someone that’s dedicated, someone with a lot of integrity, someone that knows what it means to be a true team player. The Army taught me a lot about that. I hold the values dear every day. I practice each and every day in and outside of the office. So I think a veteran would definitely benefit from being employed at Invitation Homes.

Mack: I think that most of the skills that I learned is what I got from the military: serve with discipline. It don’t matter what you do, there is some kind of discipline that is needed, and I think the Army has taught me a lot of that. My goal is to satisfy the customer, satisfy the resident, and make sure I do my job right the first time.

Ruben: The three main things that I bring to Invitation Homes from my military training is hard work, dedication, and my ability to adapt.

Sam: It’d be a great place for a veteran to come to work here because of the challenges. You have so much to do here.

Tim: I think veterans can serve in any capacity. Our group specifically, we think that veterans make great superintendents, they make great maintenance technicians, but they can serve in any capacity in our company.

John: If you’re a veteran and you share the same three values that we share, commitment, respect, and trust, come join the team at Invitation Homes.