Together With You, We Make A House A Home

Together With You, We Make A House A Home

The Invitation Homes team talks about the advantages of leasing your home, owning your lifestyle.


John Bartling: It is creating the product that makes memories.

Irwin Gordon: People have a choice in where they live and they have a choice in how they live and I’d like to think that Invitation Homes uniquely delivers that choice. Both the where and the how of a resident’s lifestyle.

John Bartling: Today you can rent a home in a neighborhood that would have otherwise not been a choice for you.

Shanna Cooke: If people can enjoy the lifestyle that home ownership provides without the financial burden, they’ll be so excited.

Adam Love: Our focus is on our reputation, that’s what drives our business. And the way we focus on our reputation is by providing the best customer experience.

Irwin Gordon: Excellence is not a momentary thing for Invitation Homes. It’s a way of performing. It’s a way of living.

Erin Himelright: So many families don’t think that having a backyard for their kids and pets is an option for them and being able to give that to them is such a great feeling.

Irwin Gordon: It is just a house until people get involved. That means family, and friends, and neighbors.

Erin Himelright: They are individual people, individual families and we value each and every one of them.

John Bartling: It’s about providing a yard. It’s about providing a quality school experience. It’s about providing proximity to work. It’s about providing memories to those who live in that home and make it their home because together with you…

Shanna Cooke: Together with you.

Adam Love: Together with you.

Erin Himelright: Together with you.

John Bartling: We make a house a home.