Prepare Your Home For A Natural Disaster

It may seem overcautious to prepare for a natural disaster, especially when you’re enjoying wonderful weather in your neighborhood. But disasters occur at nature’s whim, and you can never be too prepared. By following a few simple steps, you can protect your family, house, and assets in case a natural disaster ever strikes.

Know Your Area’s Risks
Be aware of which natural disasters are most likely to affect your region. Hurricanes are most likely to hit in Florida and the Gulf coast. The hurricane season spans from June to the end of November, but the peak time is from August to the end of October. Tornados occur most in Texas, Oklahoma, and Florida. The tornado season spans from March to August. Flash floods can occur anywhere and are among the most common and expensive disasters.

Ensure You Can Go Without Electricity
Make sure that you’re prepared for the power to go out for several days. To keep your home warm, consider installing a generator. Store battery-charged lanterns and candles to create light. Preserve food in case you lose power in the refrigerator. Canning food is one way to preserve fresh food and produce.

Make A Supply Kit
You should always have a supply kit prepared in case of a catastrophe. The kit should include the following basic supplies:

Water – Keep one gallon per person, per day (Try to keep a three-day supply).
Non-perishable food – Keep enough for your entire family for three days.
Flashlight – Keep at least two in case of extended power outage.
Battery-powered radio – Keep backup batteries.
First aid kit – Keep compress dressings, bandages, antibiotic ointments, aspirin, and a blanket. Refer to the Red Cross for more suggestions.
Medications – Keep a seven-day supply of all medicine.
Copies of personal documents – Keep in case of flood or other disasters.

Have A Plan
Communicate with your family members and inform them what to do if a natural disaster hits. Ensure that your children know the dangers of a disaster and where they should go if once occurs.

For more information on Natural Disaster Preparation, please reference the  Invitation Homes Natural Disaster Preparation, Procedures, and Kit.



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