An Invitation Homes associate shaking hands with residents

The Move Out Consultation sets you up for success.

After you’ve provided written notice that you’re moving out, a Renewal Coordinator will help you schedule the date and time for your Move out Consultation. This visit typically happens about three weeks before your move-out date.
During the visit, an associate will visit your home and point out things that need to be repaired, cleaned, or replaced before your final Move-Out Inspection. The associate will also recommend ways to maximize your security deposit return.

An Invitation Homes maintenance tech writes on paper in a kitchen.

Be prepared for your Move-Out Inspection.

Preparation is the key to an easier move. Of course, the closer you follow our security deposit guidelines, the smoother your Move-Out Inspection will go. The inspection, which is held shortly after your move-out date, is a final check of the home’s condition. The results of this final visit will aid in determining your security deposit return.

Don’t worry: All of the important move-out info you need is right here, ready to download.