Find your home and apply.
  1. You’ve found your home. Now select apply! When you select "Apply Now," you’ll be notified if the home you’ve chosen is Available or Coming Soon.

    Available home:

    The home is available for rent immediately! Once you’re approved, you’ll pay the security deposit, sign your lease, and move in within 14 days of your application date. Make sure to confirm your move-in details with your leasing agent.

    Coming Soon home:

    The home is still undergoing our update and inspection process and will be ready for move-in within 30-45 days. By applying, you can complete the application process and we will hold the home for a holding fee until it’s ready for move-in. Home availability dates are subject to change.
    Before you start your application, you’ll be able to select your requested move-in date. The date is contingent upon your leasing team’s approval.

  2. Create your application account.

    Register to get started on your application.

  3. Submit your application fee payment.

    There is a non-refundable application fee of up to $55 for each person over 18 applying to lease a home with Invitation Homes. Any roommate information will be needed as part of the application.

Submit your application.

Follow the onscreen steps to complete your application. The information you submit will be used to start processing your application, starting with a credit and criminal background screening.

We’ll let you know if any extra documentation is needed or if any submitted documentation needs verification. Stay in contact with us to make the next steps as fast and easy as possible.

Get approved.

We’ll contact you with application feedback or results within two (2) days and let you know if we need to verify the information you provided before issuing a full approval.

Please be prepared to upload supporting documentation if we ask for it.

Available home:

Upon approval, you will have 48 hours to pay your initial security deposit online, initiating your lease agreement process.

Coming Soon home:

Sign and submit your holding agreement and pay the non-refundable holding fee (depending upon market-specific requirements).

  • Both the holding agreement and the holding fee are required within 48 hours of application approval notification.

  • Your holding fee will be applied to your first month’s rent.

  • Home availability dates are subject to change.

Confirm and sign.

Your application is valid for 30 days after submitting your application. But the home will be placed back on the market if we do not confirm income or identity information in that timeframe.

Available home:

Please sign your lease agreement within 48 hours of receiving it.

Coming Soon home:

Your leasing agent will confirm the day your home will be ready to move in and send you the lease. You’ll have the opportunity to tour your home and confirm your desire to lease the home.

Start your lease!

We look forward to welcoming you as a resident!

Available home:

Your lease begins. Please remember that the lease start date must occur within 14 days of your initial application date.

Coming soon home:

Once your agent confirms your home is ready, this begins a five-day plan to start your lease:

  • Within two business days: sign and submit your lease and pay your initial security deposit.

  • No later than five business days: Pay any remaining money due and your lease begins. Please note that home availability dates are subject to change.