Makes sure everything is working as it should.

Catches small issues early – saving you time and hassles.

Helps you feel more comfortable and secure.

ProCare service is part of your worry-free lifestyle.

An Invitation Homes maintenance technician talks to a man

Starting strong on day 1

Your Move-In Orientation is a key part of ProCare. That’s when we explain everything you need to know about living in your home, including ways to help maintain it. And remember: your home had to pass a rigorous inspection prior to move-in.

An Invitation Homes maintenance tech greets a woman and a man.

About 45 days later

Once you’re settled in, a ProCare certified technician will perform a 45-Day Follow-Up to make sure everything is working properly and address items on your digital Fridge List. You can manage this appointment and your Fridge List on our maintenance app.

An Invitation Homes maintenance tech doing a check in a yard

Then every 6 months

We’ll ask you to schedule a 6-Month Checkup twice a year. During each visit, the tech will inspect your home’s major systems and address Fridge List items and maintenance requests. We’ll send you a friendly reminder as each date approaches.

An Invitation Homes maintenance app graphic

Maintenance App

Save time. Do it all online.

Our new, easy-to-use maintenance app is the best way to request a repair, keep up your Fridge List, get service request updates, and watch how-to maintenance videos. Our convenient maintenance portal is always there for you, too.

ProCare frequently asked questions

What is ProCare?

ProCare is our exclusive proactive maintenance program that plays a key role in your worry-free leasing lifestyle. Conveniently scheduled ProCare visits catch small issues early – saving you time, money, and hassle in the long run. Read more about ProCare.

How do I create a work order on the portal?

The easiest way to put a service order into the maintenance portal is with our mobile app . Of course, you can always access the resident maintenance portal on your desktop or browser. 

How do I submit a maintenance request?

You can submit a maintenance request through our convenient maintenance portal. The easiest way to get there is with our new mobile app . Of course, you can always access the portal on your desktop.

What counts as an emergency maintenance issue?

One that is dangerous, hazardous, or could cause damage to the property or your personal well-being without immediate attention, such as no water or power, flooding or a broken pipe, and no heat when the outside temperature is below 50 degrees. Read more about ProCare.

How do I request emergency maintenance?

Call our 24/7 maintenance hotline at 888-330-4969 . But if there is a life-threatening event –such as a fire – please call 911. Read more about ProCare.

Will I be charged for maintenance service requests?

Your account will be charged for maintenance service requests in the following situations, so please avoid them: 

  • Damage caused by you, your pet, or a guest. 

  • If an issue is not reported to us and causes damage. 

  • If someone over the age of 18 is not at your home during a service visit. 

  • If an appointment is canceled in less than one business day. 

What are my maintenance responsibilities?

You’ll be expected to handle little things like changing air filters and light bulbs and maintaining the lawn, landscape, and pool (if you have one). We’ll handle larger maintenance issues. Pest control and minor plumbing clogs are also resident responsibilities. For more info, please check out our resident responsibilities page.  

How should I prepare for my ProCare visit?

Please enter any maintenance concerns on your Fridge List at least 24 hours before your scheduled visit so your ProCare tech can allow adequate time for the appointment. And make sure the tech has access to all areas of the interior and exterior of the home to allow for a full home checkup. Read more about ProCare.

Can my 17-year-old kid let the ProCare tech in?

Sorry, but no. Someone over the age of 18 must be present for the entire duration of the appointment. Read more about ProCare.