How to keep making memories with us

Renew your lease in 3 simple steps.
Consider your options.

Your lease is about to expire. Now what?  

Ninety days before your lease is set to expire, we’ll email you an online renewal form with the rates for your home.  

We offer several renewal options:

  • 1-year renewal or longer: Signing a longer lease agreement is a great way to plan for the future. Secure your renewal rate well in advance and we’ll give you pricing for the next 1-2 years.

  • 12-month renewal: Lock in a year of continued comfort and stability. 

  • Month-to-month renewal: *Keep your current lease and renew for month-long terms. Month-to-month rent may come at a significantly higher price.

We’ll come to you.

After you respond to the renewal form we emailed you, your leasing professional will review it and follow up with you. Save them in your contacts because they'll be your go-to person for any concerns or questions about renewing. They're your resource, so don't hesitate to ask for help.

If we don't hear from you, we'll mail you a printed renewal offer about 75 days before the end of your lease.

Confirm and sign.

Shortly after your renewal is approved, every leaseholder will receive a DocuSign link to sign your lease renewal.

Renew for more memories.

Giving you a great experience in a home you love is our top priority. We're proud of the home you've made and we hope you'll agree to keep living freer with us. That's why we've made renewing your lease easy and straightforward.

Not interested in renewing?

We’re sad to see you go, but we understand you have to make the best decision for you.
Next steps

If you’re considering a move, please contact us as soon as possible. You must send us your written notice to vacate 60 days before your move-out date, per the terms of your lease. Also, let us know you've decided not to renew when you fill out the online renewal form sent to your email address. After you submit the renewal form, your leasing professional will send you a notice to vacate form. 

If you provide less than 60 days' notice of your decision to vacate your home, you will be charged a pro-rated rental amount for each day that we did not receive appropriate notice. That amount won’t exceed 2 months of rent and will be considered liquidated damages. 

Renewal frequently asked questions

Why did my rent increase for my renewal?

At Invitation Homes, we carefully price our homes. Our rental rates are determined by considering various factors, including the property, market conditions and rates of similar homes nearby. Rest assured, your home's rent is competitively priced, often even below full market value. 

Who is eligible for renewal?

Invitation Homes reviews our residents' rental history to determine their renewal eligibility. Your rental history includes factors such as on-time rent payments, home property maintenance and adherence to HOA and city regulations. If you qualify, you'll receive an email offer with multiple renewal options, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs. 

Why did my account status change to month-to-month?

If our leasing professionals don't hear from you 60 days before your lease end date (deadline may vary), according to the terms of your lease, we will need to move you to a month-to-month lease. You’ll be charged at a prorated rate detailed in your renewal offer email.  

Don’t worry. You can always contact your leasing professional to change your lease status.

Can I transfer to a different home?

Want a change of scenery?  

Invitation Homes allows current residents and approved applicants to transfer to our other homes, provided you meet transfer eligibility requirements. You can read our transfers page for more information. 

My renter’s insurance has renewed, where can I send my updated policy?

If you choose not to purchase insurance from ResidentShield, you must submit proof of insurance to [email protected] . Make sure to email your renters insurance policy declaration page (or pages) that contain the following information: 

  • Insured's Name (your name)  

  • Insured's Address (including unit number, if applicable)  

  • Insurance Carrier (or insurance agency) name and contact information  

  • Policy Term (dates of coverage)  

  • Liability limit equal to or greater than $100,000  

  • Interested Party: Invitation Homes Inc., PO Box 3687, Coppell, TX 75019  

A courtesy copy (cc) should also be provided to your leasing professional.

Where can I update my air filter information?

If you haven’t submitted your air filter amount and sizes, you can update that information by filling out this form

How do I sign up for the Invitation Homes Internet Package?

You will be automatically enrolled in the program when you renew your lease if you live in a home that is part of the Invitation Homes Internet Package's service area. Please check with your leasing professional to confirm if you live in a serviceable home. Visit our Leasing Fees page to learn more about internet package fees.