Decorating in November with Designer Meghan Giddens

Now that Halloween ghosts, goblins, and ghouls have gone back into storage, it’s time to bring out some new décor. November can be a tricky month to decorate. Spooky season is over, yet it isn’t quite time to unpack the stockings and Christmas trees. The key to November decorating is to incorporate organic and cozy textures throughout your home while sticking to fall colors. This will create a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for celebrating Thanksgiving, watching football, or cozying up by the fire with family. Keep reading to see Design Expert Meghan Giddens’s favorite lease-friendly décor pieces for November.

“This season’s trends are all about organic textures and neutral colors. This month, I suggest keeping your home cozy while incorporating elements for the holidays. I am loving woven and rattan materials, as well as plants like wheat and pampas grass, that create a fall harvest look.”

Baby pumpkins

Pumpkins aren’t just Halloween décor – they are a fall staple that work well in any space. Place miniature pumpkins in a wicker basket for a cozy centerpiece on your dining table. Or mix them with pinecones on a decorative tray on your coffee table. If bright orange isn’t your thing, white pumpkins are a great swap and create a fresh and clean look.

Hanging plants

Enhance dull spaces in your home with hanging plants. Whether faux or real, hanging plants are great for breaking up the dynamic in a room and adding greenery. Bonus: they are out of reach for children and pets!


Stoneware vase

No matter if your style preference is farmhouse, contemporary, or glam, this vase pairs well with any interior. This stoneware vase is the perfect piece for holding fall flowers on a coffee table, entry table, or bookshelf. Best of all, it can be incorporated into your home year-round by changing out the plant according to season.

Woven serving tray

Woven material is a mid-century trend that is homey and bears a resemblance of human touch. A home should provide a sense of comfort, especially when we are spending more time with family. This woven tray adds coziness to a coffee table or kitchen island and can be used for serving appetizers or holding décor such as the mini pumpkins and stone vase mentioned above.

Natural placemats

This fall season is all about organic and natural décor and these placements are a great example of that. Perfect for the Thanksgiving table, these placemats provide great texture and give a crafty, rustic appearance to your dining room.


“Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and these handmade black and white checkered napkins are a great addition to the holiday dinner table. Also, they are the perfect combination of comfortable elegance with frayed edges and leather buttons clasps.”

Dinner napkins

Take your Thanksgiving table to the next level with these handmade dinner napkins! Black and white checkered décor is very popular this season and pairs well with fall colors. The chic button clasps are great for holding these napkins together for a put-together look on your dining table. Whether you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner or sharing a family meal, these napkins are the perfect addition to your place settings.

Beverage cart

Although often referred to as a beverage cart, this décor piece can also double as a bookshelf. This gold cart adds elegance and glam to your living and kitchen spaces. Stack your favorite books alongside some flowers, a vase, and a knick-knack or two for a curated look.


“What I love most about beverage carts is their versatility. You can turn a beverage cart into a bookshelf, an office supplies rack, a coffee cart, makeup shelf – you name it. Beverage carts are great for adding a chic touch to any room, while also offering extra storage space.”

Wheat centerpiece

If there was a poster child for this fall season, it would be golden wheat. This plant represents all things natural, which is why it is a fall must-have inside your home. This wheat centerpiece reflects raw beauty and is subtle, yet eye-catching — perfect for the Thanksgiving table, mantle above the fireplace, or an entryway table.


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