Resident responsibilities for pool maintenance.

Water levels

It’s important to maintain the appropriate water level at the midpoint of the pool skimmer basket inlet.

Pool toys

Avoid small pool toys that may cause damage or block cleaning systems. Remove toys and floats when not in use.

Pool pump

Please run the pump during established times provided by the Invitation Homes pool service provider.

Swimsuits only

Avoid non-swimming attire because such clothing retains levels of laundry detergent that cause pool chemical imbalances.

Pool skimmer, brush & vacuum

Use a pool skimmer and vacuum as needed. Brush all pool surfaces to prevent debris from collecting.

Service appointments

Make sure your pool is clean, your pets are secured, and your service provider has access to the pool area on service days.

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Blue pool skimmer skimming a pool

Swimming pool maintenance

To keep your pool clean and functional, please follow these basic maintenance requirements.

A young girl climbs out of a pool.

Swimming pool safety

Your family's safety always comes first. Follow these rules to keep your pool as safe as it is fun.


Pools rule. If you follow the rules!

Keep gates closed.

Children only with parents.

Avoid drains.

No glass items.