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Designing on a Budget

Just because you’re renting doesn’t mean you can’t design your home to its maximum potential. Luckily, there are lots of ways to achieve an impressive looking home with even the smallest budget. Keep reading for ideas to achieve your design goals on a budget!

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Buy Second-Hand

Shop at flea markets, estate sales, consignment shops, anywhere you can get a bang for your buck. Sure, these types of shops may require a little more digging, but your wallet will thank you! Plus, the pieces you find are likely going to be more unique than options you see in stores and will have a fun origin story to share with guests.



You will be surprised at what looks are possible when you start researching how to upcycle pieces on Pinterest. You know how those bellbottoms you got rid of are trending again? Interior design also tends to have certain pieces that become popular again decades later. So, this is a great way to update the pieces you already have. One example is re-painting that outdated wooden drawer set that you’ve had forever to a modern grey or white color.


Try accessorizing your walls with affordable pieces that liven up a room. It’s no surprise that gold and silver tones give off elegant vibes so scour your favorite stores for sales on those piecesGallery walls are also a trendy and budget-friendly way to decorate your walls that will showcase your family’s favorite moments.

Pace Yourself

It can be easy to go overboard and try to replace everything in your home, especially if you are trying to start fresh with a new move. Be sure to pace yourself because if you feel overwhelmed, you will probably end up buying pieces you don’t need or wantAlso, it may deter you from completing the project altogether. So, start small and have a plan in place before you get started for your wallet and well-being!

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Organize Your Home

Lastly, this tip is completely freeKeep an uncluttered home. No matter how great your furniture looks or how fashionable your floor rug is, the truth is having unfolded laundry thrown across the couch or stacks of bills on the table will immediately distract the eye and lower the aesthetic of your placeWeekly vacuuming and dusting will go a long way! This is also a great time to take inventory and get rid of anything you don’t want or need in your home.

Set aside some time to create a budget for your designing endeavors and brainstorm for the savings you can find. Hopefully, you are surprised by some of the great pieces you find and how easily it is to create a greatlooking space on a budget!


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