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Enjoy a Variety of Date Nights at Home

Going out on the town for dates can be so fun! But sometimes itbetter (and cheaper) to stay at home and skip the timeconsuming “getting ready” and “going out” part. Homebodies know that nights in can be just as fun as checking out downtown. Not only will you save money on gas, parking metersand more, but with these fun date ideas, you don’t have to feel like you’re sacrificing any excitementIf you or your significant other is a total homebody, then this list is for you!

Cook Together

This is the perfect time to introduce some Pinterest recipesThen you both get to enjoy the food together right away. You can even emulate your favorite restaurant at home! That Italian restaurant downtown? The music, the decorations, your favorite pasta dish – you can recreate it all.

Watch a TV Marathon

Is there a TV series both of you are obsessed with? Any classic movies you’re both dying to check off your watch list? Make some popcorn and fill the coffee table with lots of snacks and drinks. Sometimes there’s nothing better than relaxing on the couch together and watching something you enjoy.

Spa Night

This would be the perfect time to pamper your special someone. Turn on an essential oil diffuser with your favorite scents, paint their nails, give a scalp massage, pull out all the stops! Face masks create the perfect photo opportunity to document your relaxing date together. What a wonderful way to wind down and relax with each other to forget about the everyday stressors in life.

Learn a New Hobby Together

This can be anything you’re been interested in learningA few ideas include learning how to draw, paint, and crochet or knit Even better, you can exchange each other’s finished masterpieces at the end and put it out on display somewhere in the home as a keepsake.

Game Night

Who doesn’t love a classic game night? All you need is your favorite board game or deck of cards to get the fun startedOnce the game gets going, you will be laughing in no time.

Breakfast in Bed

Think day dates too! Surprise your sweetie and treat yourselves to a relaxing breakfast in bedThis is a wonderful idea for a lazy weekend morning, especially if you had a stressful week. The day can start when you want it to, so draw in the lightblocking curtains if you feel like it.

We hope this list excites you for your next date night at home! You don’t have to spend a lot of money or leave the comfort of your own home to have an enjoyable time together.


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