Five Quick Tips For Landscaping

You don’t need a green thumb to maintain your yard and garden. Follow these five simple steps to spruce up your landscaping and be the envy of the neighborhood.

Choose The Right Size
When it comes to your flowerbed, start out small – about 25 square feet. If you can maintain a few shrubs and some perennials and annuals, then move on to a larger area.

Pick The Best Flowers
Knowing what to grow is one of the most important parts of gardening. Consider these conditions before choosing flowers.

  • Amount of light: Certain plants (like geraniums) need the sun, while others  (like primroses) prefer the shade.
  • Plant’s full size: Make sure you have room for the plant’s full height and  diameter. If you are  planting several flowers at once, give each one  enough space to grow.
  • Season: Most plants thrive in the spring, but some (including pansies) can  survive the harsher conditions of winter. Be sure to follow the instructions  on the care label and plant in the correct season.

Don’t Forget About Fertilizer
Be sure to cover your lawn and flowerbed with fertilizer. For your lawn, you can use a broadcast or handheld spreader to evenly distribute the fertilizer. The best time to fertilize depends on the type of grass you have, but it should always be done before the grass begins its peak growing phase.

Win The Weed War
Not only are weeds unsightly, they are a HOA violation for many Residents. You can prevent weeds by maintaining a good environment for your garden: use the correct amount of water and fertilizer, prevent insects from infesting the area, and ensure proper sunlight. If you see a weed, the best time to remove it is immediately after rainfall. Use your hands or a garden hoe to remove the entire root of the weed. Keep weeds from growing in your lawn by mowing properly – if the grass is too short, weeds are more likely to grow.

Make Your Lawn Lush
Your lawn will always look lush if you follow a few simple steps. First, be sure to cut your grass at the correct height to keep it strong. Properly fertilizing the area will prevent weeds and bare spots, so ask an expert which fertilizer is best and how often you should apply it. Make sure you are feeding the entire lawn correctly, noting that shaded areas need a different amount of water and fertilizer.


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