Five Tips For Low Impact Landscaping

Maintaining a yard and garden can be overwhelming, especially when you’re avoiding damage to your rental property. But with proper planning and precautions, you can create lush, low impact landscaping that thrives all year long. Follow these five steps to keep your yard and garden healthy.

  1. Choose the correct flowers.
    By selecting the correct flowers, you will prevent your soil from stress and damage. Look at the amount of sunlight and weather conditions before planting any flowers. Begin with planting a few perennials and annuals, and then graduate to more diverse flowers.
  2. Add mulch and fertilizer.
    Before planting your flowerbed, lay down one to two inches of mulch over your garden. Mulch serves as a barrier to block sunlight and air from damaging the soil’s surface. By adding a layer of mulch, you will prevent your soil and flowers from becoming stressed. Also, add fertilizer to your plant bed to ensure your flowers will obtain nutrients.
  3. Cut your lawn correctly.
    Maintaining your grass at the right height will prevent weeds and drought. Your lawn should stay one to four inches high, depending on the season and type of grass. Never mow more than one-third of the total grass at a time.
  4. Edge your flowerbeds.
    Avoid weeds and soil damage by installing edging between your flowerbeds. Edges can be plastic, rocks or bricks that block the roots from growing in between flowers.
  5. Use the right tools.
    It’s impossible to maintain a healthy yard or garden without using the proper tools. If you’re just starting your garden, then keep your gardening tools basic. Begin with a garden hoe, hand weeder, shovel and shears. Be sure to keep the blades sharp and store all tools correctly.


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