How To Be A Good Neighbor

How To Be A Good Neighbor

According to an article published on the National Rental Home Council’s website, renters make good neighbors and assets to their community. The council’s research shows that “renters typically stay in their properties for an average of five years, resulting in stable communities and neighborhood cohesion.” Even if you don’t stay in your home for five years, you can take steps to being a good neighbor. Here are four helpful hints to make your neighbors happy:

Make a good first impression.

First impressions are important, even when you’re dealing with the stress of moving. When you move into your rental home, show consideration for your neighbors by parking your moving truck out of their way. If you see any neighbors on moving day, take the time to introduce yourself. This will help you build a respectful and considerate relationship with your neighbors.

Monitor the noise level.

A good neighbor is a quiet neighbor. Avoid playing loud music in your home or vehicle. Inform your neighbors of any potential loud parties or events. (Also, consider inviting neighbors to your events.) And, keep your pets quiet to avoid creating disturbance in the neighborhood.

Offer your help.

Always make yourself available to help a neighbor in need. Offer to check your neighbor’s mail or watch their pet while they are on vacation. Help busy parents with their children by suggesting a neighborhood play date. If you are kind and generous to your neighbors, they may help you in return.

Keep it clean.

Remember that the outside of your home is just an important as the inside. Keep trash out of your yard, clear the papers and mail from your doorstep and take down holiday décor in a timely manner. This will keep your neighbors happy and your neighborhood looking pristine.


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