How To Maintain A Full Functioning Kitchen

Keeping your kitchen polished and presentable doesn’t mean you have to deep clean it every day. If you follow this simple routine, your kitchen will always stay spic and span.

Make Your Sink Sparkle

Cleaning your sink is the first step to maintaining a hygienic kitchen. If you don’t sanitize your sink every day, dangerous bacteria could infect your food and dishes. Remember not to keep dirty dishes in the sink – wash them within two hours to prevent the spread of germs. Consider allowing your dishes to air dry to avoid spreading germs found on hand towels. Once you’ve removed the dishes from your sink, wipe it down with disinfecting cleanser or fill it with water and bleach.

To keep your sink safe and clean, it’s important to maintain a functioning sink drain. Deodorize the area by pouring a cup of vinegar or a tablespoon of baking soda down the drain once a week. If your drain is clogged, fix it as soon as possible by following the instructions provided here >>

Keep Your Counters Clean And Clear

If not cleaned, countertops can become a hotspot for bacteria. Wipe down your counters after cooking and dry the area with a clean towel or paper towel. Moist surfaces allow bacteria growth, so your counters should always be dry.

Focus On The Fridge

While cleaning your refrigerator may be intimidating, it is feasible. It’s beneficial to clean out your fridge before grocery shopping, as this will help you make a complete list of items needed. Begin by disinfecting and drying the exterior of the refrigerator. Then open the fridge and remove any expired or unwanted food. Be sure to check the side shelves and don’t be hesitant to throw items away.  Remove the remainder of the food and wipe down the drawers and shelves. Scrub any residue with a clean sponge, soap, and water. Once the interior is dry, place the food back in the fridge. Ensure all dishes are properly covered to avoid food from spoiling.

Don’t Forget About The Floors

Kitchen floors attract fallen food particles, which encourage bacteria growth. So you must remember to keep your floors swept and cleaned. Check your floors after cooking to ensure the area is clear and deep clean once a week. While this is beneficial for all residents, it is especially important for those with small children or pets.


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